The Knee Jerk: Round 8

Welcome to the round 8 knee jerk. This weeks knee jerk is brought to you in the voice of the great John Deekes doing his best JB HIFI commercial tone…DT you’ve done it again! What a week it was last week, I could not believe the carnage; Grimes, Curnow, Johnson, Higgins but to name a few. This season feels to me like a scene from Monty Pythons Holy Grail. I’m that knight in the sword battle with no arms and legs saying “Is that the best you’ve got? Come at me!” I’ll be honest…I’m teetering on the brink…I’m holding onto the leaders for dear life while DT smashes my fingers with a hammer one at a time. But that’s DT, that’s why I love this game! Nothing easy in life is worthwhile; except for that blonde slapper sitting by the bar…..


Michael Voss

This guy has taken a successful club to its knees. He thought he was close to a premiership so he topped up with rejects, but it has sent the club spiralling out of control. In a time when the drafts have been pillaged and plundered by the new franchises the only light at the end of their tunnel will be a train. The worst thing of all about the situation is that he is a club legend, so even though he isn’t a coach’s arsehole…he will not get the sack until the very bitter end. RIP Brisbane Lions success, it was a great run you had but it’s dead and buried.

Alan Didak (60)

I don’t know what’s happened to Dids but he is a shadow of his former DT self. He just looks unfit and sluggish. He must be up all night riding in cars with shotgun toting murderers too frequently – it can’t have been his pre-season injury, it was a shoulder wasn’t it? Surely you can still keep a fitness base up with a dinged up shoulder. Whatever it is he is becoming a liability for people that own him expecting a premium.

Drew Petrie (59)

OK I had this guy in the shockers a few weeks back and got flamed but he has made his way back in with a pitiful score. Once again he got on his bike in the last to make it look semi respectable but the dish didn’t even make his b.e this time so it’s nearly curtains. A bargain that promised so much yet delivered…Well delivered about 80k. Was it worth the ride?

Jobe Watson (71)

When you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas…….that’s exactly what happened to the bombers tonight, the Lions dragged them down to their horrible level. There was only one spectale in Brissy today worth watching and that was Black Caviar making the field look like a pack of Mr Ed’s…again. It may be a bit tough on Watson, after having been subbed for a tight hammy but he just couldn’t get into the game tonight and had a bit of a shocker for his many fantasy owners.


Heath Shaw (124)

A lot of people would have taken the opportunity to jump on his wagon this week for the Grimey LTI and I’m sure each and every one of them are grinning from ear to ear. He has a history of being a bit Katy Perry but it does seem he has matured this year into a prime rebounder again. It’s possible with the way the pies set up that it’s not viable to forward tag him anymore; if that’s the case this guy will shoot to the top of the defender rankings once more.

Zac Smith (106)

Everybodies set and forget 3rd ruckman is fast becoming a candidate for a spot on the ground. (When fixtures are favourable) I haven’t yet had the balls to start him but I’m sure this man mountain would not let me down. Surely everybody in DT has this guy but if anyone doesn’t and needs a reliable ruckman who won’t cost a bomb, jump on this guy before he turns into the next Dean Cox.

David Zaharakis (126)

A lot of talk pre-season about this guy, he was going to get a run in the middle and have a break out year. It hasn’t happened yet but I have a feeling as the year progresses he will start to have more time in the guts and he will boost those scores. He has scored three tons already and is building into a nice player; I think he has a bit of Marc Murphy about him.

Tom Rockliff (121)

He keeps going on his merry way, just racking them up. He has left Redden in his wake and proved once and for all he is the best ‘r’ in the Brisbane midfield. This guy is a Gold star premium and could be a good differential if needed.

Ben Jacobs

I don’t really care what he scored he is a band wagoner because he finally gives us an excuse to buy a port player and it finally gives us a reason to watch a port game and get excited by something…anything!

Friday Captain.

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, I went out to the car and sat in there for a while re-smelling in last night’s pizza delivery and had a little bit more joy. I’m smiling because I ran the captain gauntlet last night and won. Last night we had any number of options but only a few came through. My choice Selwood snagged 121, Swan got 115 but Chapman (83), Pendlebury (89) and Bartel (96) were slightly on the nose. In a game that looked a bit like a full ground drill at footy training I’d have expected higher scores than that. I hope you picked the right one and were smiling this morning too.

Other news.

Trade Season

I’m probably going to sound like a bit of a sadist but I like season ending injuries. Well I don’t like them, obviously I’d rather have everyone fit but if I’m going to get an injury I like it to be final. Why? Because I love to trade, and I love having a reason to trade. So when Grimes went down my major feeling wasn’t ‘oh crap, FMDT’…my main feeling was ‘cool, who can I get in?’ This is classic addict behaviour. A junkie will make any excuse to have a hit, and I’ll make any excuse to make a trade. This bitter sweet feeling when a player goes down reminds me of breaking up with a girlfriend….. The first initial thought is ‘oh crap’….then it quickly progresses to ‘cool…who can I go out and shag? The hunt begins….this is followed by hooking up with a new GF…closely followed by ‘meh, this isn’t much better than before. It’s going to be the same this week…oh crap Grimes is out…the hunt begins for a new defender for my team, oh the possibilities!…..OK Shaw looks good, I’ll take him!…then he scores a 60 and I’m back to square one waiting for my next trade.

Rugby converts

I’m glad Izzy and Khunt are failing…why? Not because I don’t like them, it’s a far more self centred reason than that. I wanted them to fail because all of my Muppet friends from north of the border, those with the yellow number plates always told me that Rugby league is a skilful sport, they always told me our game is for pansies and their players could play it any day. I argued that trained gorillas could play their game, and they probably don’t even have to be trained! Anyway, imagine how bad we would look if two league players just waltzed into our sport and took it by storm, we would never live that shit down. I feel happier knowing that the two most likely league guys to succeed haven’t even been able to come close, so I can finally put the argument to bed. Our game is a game of skill, a game for athletes, athletes with a brain. Their game is for large blocks of flesh.  If there is one good thing to come from this it’s that we get to see a DT player actually losing money every week from a rookie price, the record books needed a bottom point. For ever now we can say….”well at least he isn’t as bad as Khunt.

Hey big spender.

Tkol’s rhetoric this week has got me to thinking.  He mentioned in a rant that all good coaches already have Chappy and Swan. But I am a bargain hunter at heart…. I love raiding the discounted shelf at Coles for cheap meat and out of date chips…. It’s stamped best before …that means they are still edible! Anyway what I am trying to analyse is by me waiting this long to buy Swan and Chappy, I will be saving myself money but how many points will I have lost in the process? Is it a worth while trade off? Firstly 150k doesn’t sound like much in the grand scheme of our initial salary caps but when you measure it against what a cash cow will get you it is a lot of free money.

At the start of the year I chose Pendles ahead of Swan. This saved me about 75k which I was able to use beefing another mid range player into a premium. Now I should be able to pick Swan up for about 450k next week which represents another 60k saved…so in the most basic of terms I have saved about 150k. I have saved money, but how many points have I lost on this deal? Well prior to this week Pendles was sitting on 731 and Swan on 746. So I have lost 15 points. I know I am over simplifying the issue and a lot of people have both Swan and Pendles but what I am trying to get to the bottom of is what is the better way to go about this? Buy your premium at top price and stack on the points or wait till they are cheaper? Or have i just totally misread this situation and messed up all the maths?

Tough enough

A lot of bitching and moaning has been had this week by the punters complaining about the game being soft. The whole Trengrove tackle saga has had the SEN phone lines going into meltdown saying netball is tougher and what not. Well those who saw Toovey go head long into Hawkins marauding knees and thighs in that sickening collusion last night might beg to differ. Even if Toovs was only trying to lose a few teeth to fit in with the Collingwood faithful it was still a tough courageous act in a tough brutal game. Speaking of the faithful, The MCC actually closed down the car park last night so the faithful would have no hubcaps to steal so it was doubly bad for the toothless army after their loss. All this after they posted a membership count of 70.000, but I’m not sure how many dogs and cats actually use their memberships. Bit of number padding maybe? In all seriousness though I hope the lad Toovey is OK, nobody likes to see guys go down like that.

It’s not all bad

For those of you like me who have EVERY injured or omitted player at the moment try not to panic. Even if you feel like you are in a rip getting dragged out to sea don’t panic trade! The best thing to do is stay calm, let it take you out then come back in a few rounds later full of energy…and trades. That’s the parting words of wisdom from a man whose team is flailing….

Any other knee jerks or weekend football thoughts out there?


  • For the record Folau played ok yesterday. He wasnt great first half but he was moved forward in the 2nd half, got a few touches and few marks. Did a great kick from 55m out to the top of the square, helped a big role in a few goals and was unlucky to miss a set shot on goal. Won’t be great, but he’ll be better than Hunt

    • I actually thought Khunt looked pretty good yesterday too. Some really good positioning/spoiling, ran to the right spots, and his foot skills were the best I’ve seen from him so far (one that comes to mind was a beautiful kick from the back pocket that threaded the needle of three crows players to pinpoint a team mate about 60 metres away). Credit where it’s due.

      • first good kick of the season by the sounds of it

      • I agree, there was plenty of improvement in his game. The worst point in his game was when he fell over for no obvious reason after trying to spoil a mark and the Crow, just looked at him turned around and ran in for an easy goal. He still has alot to learn, and I know I won’t be picking him up any time soon.

    • id love to see an afl player have a crack at playing league or union
      …oh wait they probably wont have a chance because these two codes arent looking for publicity
      and since when did rugby say they were the more skillful sport?!
      for the record, folau was never going to be a good afl player…

      • They don’t need to look hard for publiciity – they just go have a chat with a club accountant

  • Another Great Article,
    I live in the Gold Coast which is dominated by Rugby League supporters and Hunt playing bad isn’t doing justice, they are too naive and stupid to realese that AFL is Australia’s sport. I quite like Hunt though so I do want him to succeed, he wont ever be a great player but I think he could easily play 100 games.
    Anyway back on to DT, I think Green deserves a mention on the shockers list, gets my hopes up from the 115 he scored last week and manages a dismal 63, coulda picked him or sylvia at the start of the year, WRONG CHOICE!@

    • I’m a fan of Union (play it), League (love watching it) and AFL (DT). As far as I’m concerned Union and League are similar to each other but completely different to AFL. At my school there is a play who can run an eleven flat and weighs 94 kilos. I looked at this and found out that he weights more than any (premium) midfielder in the AFL and as much as most key position players. He is 17. I would love to see an AFL player play a rugby code because he would get smashed.

      • I think you’ll find the reason that no midfielders weigh more than 94kgs is that AFL requires a far higher aerobic capacity than either of the Rugby codes. If you have ever done any P.E at school you would know that the games require different muscle fibre make up, with Rugby being a much more explosive effort game where as AFL is about repeat efforts. Its pretty hard to run 16kms at 94kgs at a good pace. Rugby also has far less aerial contests and they need to keep their weight down to be able to fly for those marks. To compare the players of the three codes is diffifult as they all require different things. In terms of strength and speed Rugby hands down but endurance and agility has to go to AFL

        • I’m just saying that people should stop ripping on other codes so much because they are as different as soccer and footy. Can you imagine a soccer code hopper?

          • zac smith? hes doing pretty well i’d say

          • @flying high. Any afl player could switch to rubgy or whatever that shit is fat cunts play. If judd wanted to play this sport he could go on the maccas diet or even kfc diet and gain 30 odd kilos thus deeming him fit enough to play. In fact im pretty sure the prerequiste these days to play rugby is be >95 kilos. Any afl player could play that shit and better then kunt is playing afl.

          • the point is they have CHOSEN to code soon as they join our sport they are lumped in with the entire afl playing list and judged as so.

            can you imagine any other player from any other club not getting slated and dropped for getting maybe 3 possessions a game? would you say about a player from another side….he had a good kick today, credit to him.. no way – he would be bullied from pillar to post.

            the fact that they are converts shoudlnt mean anything, if they are shit they should get slated..if they are good we can applaud them. 1million is a lot of money….

          • As shit as Hunt is, he won’t be dropped because that will just scream “we spent $1m on a spud, please criticise us”. For that reason alone I can’t see him losing his spot. No point having a $1m player sitting out.

          • Err there’s been a lot of AFL players who have played soccer throughout their junior years.

            Tony Modra for instance.

          • Lol Chappo your a spud. To a Rugby and League player watching Aussie rules is like watching a bunch of 5 year olds play rugby before they learnt how to catch the ball. Im not joking that’s exactly what it was like for me when i first started watching the game. I dont see it that way anymore of course but that’s how it is viewed by those who dont watch it often.
            If you want to compare elite sportsman and blow the Aussie Rules trumpet you might wanna watch Aussie’s greatest athlete, where elite sportsmen actually were compared with each other over a range of tasks and Luke Hodge was beaten by a vast range of sportsmen. Including Rugby and League also Motorsports among others.

          • @44Chappo. You’re a fucken idiot mate.

        • what is jay neagle…fast twitch or slow twitch? anaeroboc or aerobic? he could be one out of the box..none of either.

      • With a couple of pre-seasons of weight training, there are a heap of guys who could play in the NRL but it aint going to happen because the bumsniffers can’t pay them.

        • Rugby is such a dumb game anyway. It has very little skills and tactics involved compared to AFL, and is so much worse as a spectator sport as well considering the stop-start nature of the game

          • hahah im pretty sure there are more stoppages in afl than there are scrums and lineouts in rugby…
            typical afl supporter

          • Every…single…tackle…the…play……stops…

            It’s called football and three guys on each team actually kick the ball.

            I lived in Canberra as a kid and my family was very much swept up in the Raiders thang 87-91. Barbecues, wagers, sashes, rosettes, ribbons on car antannae… I could name you 15 guys who played for the Raiders back then. Chicka Ferguson would have been a decent half back flanker – for thirteen minutes of the first quarter. Then cramps which should really be called Khunts in AFL vernacular from now on.

            IMO (I admit I was a Pies fan throughout – the black sheep of my family as an Aussie Rules fan) Rugby Union and League…fail.

            P.S. Get Harry O’Brien in as the AFL rep for Australia’s Greatest Athlete, add a public speaking event and a trivia quiz…

            Domination. AFL players = Strong + Fast + Fit + Skilled + Smart.

        • no it wont happen because the administration of rugby league and union are smart enough not to spend money on afl converts that wont succeed in these two codes….
          i wouldve thought gws were smart enough to see that folau wont do well in afl because he rarely kicked in league…

          • There are no converts…that is the point!!! Do you think you are the only one with knowledge of rugby you arrogant retard.

        • That’s not the reason. The reason is they would get absolutely demolished. If money was the only factor why dont Aussie rules players and Rugby players code hop to soccer?? Because they would get slaughtered that’s why and nobody would be stupid enough to take them. K Hunt and Folau were not signed because they were going to become elite players. They were signed because they had the pulling power in strong League dominant areas like Brisbane and Sydney the Afl wanted them to bring viewers with them.

          • Get demolished? Are you serious? There are four positions in rugby league that require creativity and a skill set far and above those of the average player – 1, 6, 7 and 9. Great centres are an asset to a team but not a necessity. Great wingers are an asset but not a necessity. There are a heap of current afl players that would be able to do a job in these positions given the same amount of time that Khunt and Folau have had to “learn” Australian rules football. But that’s beside the point – nrl clubs simply do not have the money to attract any recognised afl players. Bringing soccer into this debate is ridiculous because those clubs have less money than nrl clubs. The success of soccer teams in this country is largely dependent on the success of imports – if they get that right it goes a long way to ensuring a successful season. But bear in mind that the better imports are playing in the J-League and the K-League to begin with. Soccer clubs can’t afford to risk it all on a marketing exercise and that is why there are no former afl or nrl players playing soccer. This also glosses over the fact that playing soccer at the (elite) level requires touch that can’t be mastered in a couple of years unlike catching and passing a ball.

          • Alan Didak could play A-league soccer – better than he plays footy at the moment…

      • definitely agree
        i also play union (the real rugby) and there is no doubt that afl and the two rugby codes are completely different
        there is a reason that rugby league converts can succeed in rugby but they cant in the afl

        • i think some of u guys r misinterpreting the afl’s intentions. they would of known that khunt and izzy would be hopeless at afl, but all they wanted was some of those league supporters who watched the likes of khunt and izzy just flick over to the footy and take notice of these 2 players. that simple flick of the channel is like a win for the afl, and to compensate they have given gws n gc the best kids in the country…i think they can deal with playing and paying 1 dud player 1 million a year for the sake of pulling over a lot of league supporters

  • I am really just generally pissed off with higgins!
    He is such as softcocked- pussy. I wish the dogs would just come out and tell us-we all know the reason that he can’t play (or doesn’t want to) is because he is worried that his vagina will show out of the bottom of his shorts! It’s just hanging so low at the moment!
    Poor Darling :(

    • I’ve been really patient with Higgins and kept him on my bench. Like you, I wish the Dogs just come out and tell us what is wrong and how long her will be out for. He’s been a “1 week” proposition for three weeks now. If he isn’t name this week I’m just going to trade the prick out!

      • If he doesn’t play next week I would guess his first game would be in the VFL. Reckon he’ll play and have hung onto him so far.

      • agree – he does this every year – has a good pre-season and when he plays is good – but seems to be the worst player in comp for not playing with niggles – I’ll be staying away next season

      • He was the same last year…i think its Eades way to break a tag…

  • Possibly Heppell on the shockers list. Just for this week of course because he’s been on fire. My team has been lucky this week. Petrie and Heppell did poorly but everyone else has got around their average or better. I couldn’t agree with you more about the buying of players cheaply because you don’t have them at the start. That is why I selected Rockliff at the start. I thought he would go up in value while others would drop fractionally. And now I’m looking to pick up Chappy and Pendles at 420-430K.

    • Throw Hibberd on as well for performing on my bench when i had Mckernan on the field! If he was named from the start he’d have been on.

      i know I know, he is one step closer to going up in $$$.

      • hope he keeps his spot…. alot of people will have to upgrade one of either hibberd, smith or puopolo and will have to miss out on one

      • Surprised Hibberd played considering when final team was named 90 mins b4 start of game the AFL website had:
        Hurley OUT Prismall IN!!! (As did Fanfooty).

        Not sure what happened there, but noticed just b4 game started that Hibberd was in and not Prismall.

  • Loved your references to Holy Grail, pizza smells and the toothless army:-)

    Feel the same about probably 75% of what you have said, although i thought you were harsh on Jobe (he just heard i’d traded him in) and the comments on Dids belongs to a whole article re-examining the conventional wisdom of never dropping a premium…particularly in the context of the money side of the equation – after all, you have a chance to make bucks back, but points missed ain’t never coming back!

    My biggest disappointment (apart from Goddard , Riewoldt and a few others!) is Ryder:-(
    May indeed be time for Zac on the track…

  • Chuck Tapscott in the Shockers list. I know people will come out and bag me for it ’cause he’s a rookie and what do you expect’ but that nuggety bitch is more talented than many of the first rounders for the last 4 years! He uses the ball better than the rest of the Melbourne rejects (I am a melbourne supporter, I was at the game, and boy were our skills U/14ish). For a dude with so much talent, and playing semi-loose through the backline I expected a 60 against North, not a 34 or some rubbish. Shocker.

  • Like everyone else, I refused Gablett in my initial team and was justified in doing so. With only one spot left in my midfield (Swan, Pendlebury, Watson, Boyd, Bartel), I’m adding him to my watchlist and a decent game from the old chrome will probably sway me to bring him in.

    • same here champ. I have the same midfield as you except i have Jelwood instead of Watson.
      My final position is up for grabs between Watson, Mitchell and Gazza

      • I wish I had Selwood instead of Bartel but what’s done is done. Picking him now would only complicate things later on when Geelong have the bye. Mitchell is smashing it and making everyone who has him happy but I don’t think I could hit the complete this trade button. Like many who overlooked Heath Shaw, I have memories of Mitchell getting tagged out of games and hamstring problems burned in my brain.

        Now that GC actually has all of their guys fit and up and about, their midfield is pretty good…it’s their forwards and defense that sucks. As long as Ablett is hovering around stoppages, I’m sure his dt scoring will only improve.

  • Surely Rawlings has to go on that list. I don’t know what he was doing yesterday but for a first game player in team Sceptics you think he would want to try a bit harder.

    • I got him in for Grimes this week, and missed on H. Shaw who I was tossing him up with. Not happy!!!

      • I am right with ya on that one buddy. But lets hope Heath Shaw spuds it up sooner rather than later.

  • obvious duds this round- brodie smith (sub- 11), pendlebury (traded swallows 101 for pendles 89), tapscott, Broughton for the people that have him playing in a few hours time, montag for being a douche even though curnow deserved it, and the umps for giving judd 3 votes during his bye round.

    • couldn’t agree more chappo (brodie smith 11) has probably cost me the league win against (dr cream dream)… and i traded/upgraded swallows 101 for mitchell’s crap 61 after reading he hadn’t scored under 115 all year…FMDT!!!

      • Bloody Brodie! He has got a huge BE of 115 or something. He has gotta go….fortunately all the good rookies are in the backline atm

        • I’m sick of subs costing me league wins… I petition that all teams have to name just the sub for the weekend by 5pm friday… is that too much to ask?

          • Why should you be disavantaged for selecting a player named in your 22 who comes on in the last 5 mins (as the sub) whilst your emerg plays the whole game (also listed on the interchange).

            Friday night we could all sit back and decide kraks fate however it russian roulette as for all the other games.

            Solution – If you select a player in your starting 22 and he is named as a sub and plays less than half a game of footy then your emerg score should kick in – if the emerg is also a sub then the starting player you select stands

            It’s happened to me and it will happen to all of you – get it right DT


  • Shockers: Goddard. Again.

  • i don’t care much for conventional wisdom o not trading out premiums anymore : Goddard and Riewoldt should have left my room weeks ago, and i would have a LOT more money and points!
    Starting to think i’ll be tucking my tits into my pants before these two come good again :-(

  • traded in watson for curnow this week and chucked the bbig C on him

  • Save your trades……. if you have Roos,Cats,Blues & Bombers in your side, you may need trades for finals!

  • my oatience with Burgoyne has finished – he’s already cost me nearly 50k this season and to get a 44playing a full game – confirms that he is an over rated “never was” and he is out – if anyone cares – stay away from Burgoyne in DT!!!

  • Think most people were too smart to bring Kerr in with his past but it’s a shame we’ve all been proven right. Would have liked to see the guy on the field at least. He has been a late drop.

  • No room for Sam Mitchell (61) ahead of Watson (71)???
    Mitchell played a full game too so no excuses………..especially when 11 out of the 22 playing for Hawks got 100 or more!!!!

  • hey guys,wats the thoughts on bringing in embly now with his big price drop today,unique,and been consistant all year and tears it up at subi

  • Awesome article. One of the best and wittiest i’ve read for a while. Keep it up, you obviously put a bit of time into your articles. Couldn’t agree more about having a morbid sense of delight in trading when there’s an LTI.

  • Who would you have as permanent 8th defender with Heppel as 7th defender?

    Stanley, Lower or Duigan which one???

    Who would you have as permanent 7th midfielder?

    Harris or Conca which one???

    Who would you have as a permanent 8th forward?

    Darling, Tapscott or Krakeour which one???

    Need to decide now as all rookies are peaking

    • D8 – Stanley
      M7 – Harris
      F8 – Darling

      However, locking in Suns rooks as your D8/M7 is slightly risky as McKenna will be rotating his players all through the season, so Stanley and Harris may have a rest for one or two games. Just something to bear in mind. :-)

  • To be honest KHunt is playing the top Aussie Rules Footy league and doing ok in it only after playing only one year in the VFL, that’s pretty good. He is improving every game and I really wouldn’t say he was failing… Izzy Falou has played like 3 games of the sport! What are you expecting? Obviously they are going to improve…

    • couldnt they pluck a guy from the vfl that has played all his life to perform better than hunt?

  • Karmichael and Izzy are RUGBY LEAGUE converts, not rugby converts. The term ‘rugby’ relates to rugby union, whereas when referring to rugby league one should use the terms ‘rugby league’, ‘league’ or ‘NRL’. To continue to call these guys ‘rugby converts’ shows how ignorant many people are of a major footy code in this country.

    • they are the same thing to us


      • I’ll add “over-paid” crap to that!!

      • its funny how you call rugby and rugby league “crap”
        when these two codes are both successful international sports….
        hey dont get me wrong afl is a great sport and probably the number one footy code in australia right now
        but you cant just say that rugby is a crap sport when it is a INTERNATIONALLY popular sport….

        • I like the way you condense all your caps in to one word saves having to use the caps lock to meny times…

        • i can sit there and watch super rugby but league i cannot do.

          i think the main reason why the converts wont work isnt body shape or size or fitness…its one key reason. (from my sligthly uninformed position)

          In the rugby forms the play is always coming from infront of you (you are only getting hit front infront thus you should be able to see it coming), and the offside rule gives you a bit of space and time to get composed……in aussie rules its happening 360 degrees around you, you are getting hit from behind and in front and who knows how.

          Obviously they have tried playing these guys in defence so that all the play is infront of them rugby style but i’m not so sure its the best way. All mistakes in the back line hurt bad…….i’d love to see hunt in a forward pocket putting on some defensive pressure and trying to clunk a few marks. If he makes a mistake there its not the end of the world

          i guess aussie rules players have learnt to have eyes in the back of their heads and awarness of whats about to get them…im not sure the converts have that yet. It may be like trying to teach a non soccer player how to dribble…not that easy.

        • Yep id expect you to like that…

        • The crap on the end of John Hopoate’s finger is what makes Rugby League crap!
          The fact that they let Hopoate *ever* play again made me vow never to watch another rugby league game.
          Yet the most disturbing / hilarious part of the whole deal was how many ‘blokes’ put their hand up *afterwards* and said that Hopoate had digitally raped them as well. What a bunch of pussies…
          Anybody who sticks a finger up my arse will die about 4 seconds later – Fuck the tribunal.

          No wonder his son turned to God and wants to get out of the house.

    • That’s like saying you cant call doubles ‘tennis’ cos its different to singles. They are both rugby, just different versions of.

    • Its all the same..just call it throw ball mate…Even throw ball kids prefer to go to the park and kick the ball to each other….