No Swan: Round 7 Discussion


  • other league…playing nick maxwell….i have voldt and 62 points vs curnow and duigan….gonna be close!!

  • Dr DT is currently 17/1428 but with a donut from Higgins. Boyd Captain.

    • projected scores of me vs Dr Dreamteam is 1984 to 1873 we both had the grimes 6 score but I give credit to him for at least going with Boyd as C as apposed to me with Bartel

  • 1700 looking most likely for me…….can something go my way this round

  • Judd, Gibbs, Goddard, Voldt, and Curnow to play
    1479 would be stoked with 2000 but expect 1900

  • Currently on 1617 with BJ, Curnow, Gibbs and Riewoldt left. Doing alright considering I had 6 from grimes and a doughnut thanks to stevie J

  • Wonder what the yardstick will be this round 1950ish maybe 2000?

    • no way, it will easily be 2100, its a normal round providing you didnt have like 5 players (grimes, fyfe, rockliff, A swallow, chappy s capt)… which is why its so devastating that my score is so low…. 1470 from 19/23, I have never had worse

      • Normal round? But 2 of the top 5 players in the comp have byes before you even consider the shit that has happened this round. 2100 Will be a very good score this round, from what i’ve read people posting maybe 1 or 2 so far are capable of reaching that.

  • 1850 with Goddard, Riewoldt and Gibbs to play.

    I’m think 2100 would prob be a good score this week?

    • dam good score mate, sounds like you have excaped most of the carnage

      • wonder if i can get higher than 482nd then :D

        • well im in 355, and look set for abotu 1800-1850 :S so youve overtaken one, i want swan and pendles back :( i will vent here, friggin stanton sub, chappy captain, and general averageness, only 3 scores over 100

          • ooo hopefully a few others in your position :)

            would have to say i was pretty lucky this week so far… no inj. only notable out is probably pendles

          • im in his position to mate haha

    • 1607 with gram, gibbs, voldt and warnock still to play should get 2000 hopefully 2050 wonder what the average score will be

    • I have same 3 still to play so whatever your score is I will be 155 pts below that.

  • i am 170 points up but my opponent has montagna and riewoldt who wins?

  • N.Riewoldt vs 43 points.
    Not convinced I can win considering I’m relying on a St.Kilda player

  • Anyone got any info on Grimes and how long he could be sidelined. Also bit worried about Fyfe. Brought him in this week and only got 69. Thats not my worry though my worry is how he will pull up from his shoulder injury sustained yesterday.

  • Hey guys. These are the people i would like to upgrade to in the following weeks.

    Rawlings, If Grimes is out for longer than 4 weeks



    Boomer Harvey

    Would like your thoughts on priority of upgrades.

    Please put a list from 1-7 on the priority of these players (1 being biggest priority) Knights is fairly easy upgrade to Chappy or Boomer and Petrie fairly easy upgrade to sandilands.

    Hopeful team by rd 15

    Goodard, Gibbs, Deledio, Adcock, Shaw, Rawlings, Heppell

    Swan, Pendles, Bartel, Boyd, Mundy, Watson

    Cox, Sandilands

    Chappy, Fyfe, Buddy, Boomer, Stevie J, Sylvia, Goodes

    • Chappy & Rawlings are pretty safe bets.

    • 1. Chappy
      2. Sandilands
      3. Watson
      4. Shaw
      5. Mundy
      6. Rawlings
      7. Harvey

      • Four of those seven have bye during DT finals. Too many for my liking

      • wrong how can u say chappy No.1 wait for his price to fall get sando first then either chappy (at his lowest with a good be) or watson in rd 9 (after his first bye, also remember that his second bye is rd 24 so keep a trade spare for him

  • Was hoping with top 100 at end of this round, no chance now with 1488 from 18. Bloody disasterous!

  • 1432 from 17/23 Captain Jelwood

    Gibbs, Goddard, Curnow, Montagna, Riewoldt & Yarran remaining

    Based on current form Probably around the 1950 mark, but if things go well up to 2050.

  • Gibbs, Curnow, Warnock and NRoo + 7 points


    Goddard x2, Scotland and Lachie Henderson

    Am I in trouble?

    • Line ball Ingy… Going on recent form, you’d back Curnow to give you a ton. Warnock should go alright against an almost-ruckless Saints side. Gibbs and NVoldt are your wildcards. Should make for a nailbiting night for you tomorrow mate, good luck! :-)

  • Sitting on 1824, Gibbsy, Goddard & Curnow to come.. hoping for at least 2050 from here.. Will be happy with that considering Grimesy (6) and took a risk which didnt payoff with Rocky captain!!

  • MAILMAN’S current state:

    1527/19 Gibbs, Goddard, Riewoldt, Curnow

    Main opponent is on 1598 with Gibbs, Goddard and montagna, gonna be close!

    Also, THE MAILMAN hasn’t recieved any mail regarding what happened to Grimes. Didn’t watch the game, assume he got injured and does anyone know the severity?

    • injured foot seems to be the concensus on here….no word yet on time out or severity

  • pass score this round 1950

  • whats the chance the St Kilda boys standing up and going BANG tomorrow!! and I don’t mean their hammy’s..LoL

    • Mate I don’t care what people say about them, they’re a champion team and when they all eventually fire (and they will) look out!!!

      • adelaide suck

        • Certainly sucked today against the Dee’s!!! however we’ve actually sung our club song twice this year, have you?? and we played the Lions twice LY and won both…if we suck then you guy’s are utterly useless in the AFL!!!

  • 1564/19
    Thankyou Sylvia, jobe and cox today
    Thankyou grimes for your 6 points, chappy (c) for your stinker, Stevie j for your no show.
    Thought I was on my lonesome but looks like the round is a stinker for most.
    Gibbs pls dont tag Goddard out of the game… Pls both slut it up for 100… Corn row keep up the great work ( is it weird that I am expecting 100 from this 8th game rook?)

  • ive been completely out of my main league game all round and now i have a slight glimmer of hope

    him: Curnow, Reiwoldt, +311

    me, Curnow, Reiwoldt, Gibbs, Montagna, Goddard

    will be pretty close

    • I reckon you have a decent chance here..Gibbs 90, Monty 120 and Goddard 110.

      • wait hes 411 up fuck it :(

        meanwhile my 10 minute supercoach is flying, dont you love dreamteam

    • Next time, just say

      “411 vs Gibbs, Monty & Goddard”

      the rest is just more fluff we don’t need to read. Who cares if you both have Volt….¿¿¿¿¿

  • 1620/19 of 23.
    Capt Jimmy Bartel.
    Stevie J late withdrawal.
    Grimes 6 points.
    Gibbs, Roo, Curnow and Goddard left.
    Hoping for 2000
    Rnd 8 Duigan out for Puopolo and make 115k.
    If Grimes is out for more than 4 weeks he is a swap for Rawlings.
    Rnd 9 Swallow out for I.Smith and make 180k.
    With 70k in the bank I end up with 365k for 2 upgrades come rnd 10.

  • 19/23 for 1620 with Gibbs, Goddard, Judd and Curnow to come. I would love to depend on all of them for tons but I just can’t see it happening. I’m tipping the four to average 90 so I reckon I’ll fall just short of 2000. Why did I pick Chapman as captain?! And next round as Swan comes back from the bye, is it safe to name him as captain?

    At least I’ll comfortably win both league games with hopes I’ll rise from 2983rd.

    • dont see too much rising happening form a sub 2000 game this rnd. i’m sadly 8100th and looking for a big rise with what looks like a 2100 score this week

      • You reckon? I think there’s a chance to move up a little bit this round. Ordinarily I wouldn’t think so but this round has seen some shockers.

        • i think the average will be around 2000, u just hear alot more about those who do badly now and really well after the rd ends. its like the news, u tipically hear more bad news then good, cause every1 causes an uproar

          • in all my league games 2000 seems to be nearly Par. My projected 1985 is only set to win 1 out my 4 league games and that is against Dr Dreamteam so hardly counts. My opposition not set for massive scores though and my leagues are mostly in top 100

  • How’s this for a close finish..

    I have Warnock and 99 points vs Duigan and Curnow

    • You should win quite comfortably – Warnock against StKilda’s second rate ruckmen

      • And then you remember Warnock is a 2nd rate ruckman too.

      • I hope your right.

        If you go by averages alone 99 points vs Curnow averaging about 97?

        then Warnock averaging 69 vs Duigan averaging 65.

        Hopefully Warnock has a big one.

        I thought Warnock might average 80 – 90 this year, I think it was from a comment Brett Ratten made after the pre season. He is my second ruckman, I’m thinking if he doesn’t drastically improve he will become Sandilands.

  • Opinions pls…

    Mid upgrade this week for locked in 5th mid…
    Mitchell or Pendles… given 6th mid will be the other…really a question of timing.

    current mids: Swan, Selwood, Watson, Cross ,(All Keepers…..Cross?)
    Rooks: Corn Row, Libba, Harris, Kraks(dpp)

    Have been using Chappy and Sylvia as links as well

    Leaning towards mitchell..2 v GC, + not much competition for ball


    • Pendles, collingwood undefeated, jury still out on if Hawks are going to be any good. Why no love for Boyd?

  • one of my league games is me with Voldt +11 vs Curnow

    surely I wont lose by much…

  • i need curnow and warnock to get a combined 140+ to get me over the line in my main league this week (wouldn’t be a problem if i had zach’s tonne on the ground instead of bench

  • Would have had 2150 easy if I had have picked a better captain but still looking at 2050 assistant coach has me at 2070 and have all my leagues fairly comfortable. Broughton worth a look if he continues to drop in price maybe a straight swap from duigan? Hopefully keep my rank in top 250

  • Thinking of getting Osama in this week after his significant price drop. He ticks all the boxes if you look at it,
    >proven he can handle a tag
    >good in and under
    >defined role in his team
    > will get plenty of frees for as he is used to ducking his head
    >natural leader
    I will be slapping the big c on him this week swan out osama in

    • I think Osama might be out for the rest of the season mate.

      • Well that sucks especially considering his kick to hb ratio and his raking long bomb… Pity because he would have added a little flair to my side

  • 1475 with Goddard, Duigan, Gibbs, Murphy, Reiwoldt and Montagna left.

    I really don’t know what to expect, they have potential to get me up to 2075+ or with some poor luck <2000.

    Anyone know what the deal is with Joey??

  • 1619/18
    Gibbs, Goddard, Curnow, Riewoldt, Yarran still to play
    2050-2100 should be in reach
    not bad for swan out, stanton sub and fyfe, enright, embley and buddy under performing
    thank the dt gods for sylvia, goodes, boyd (c)

    In main league game i am Curnow, Yarran + 96 vs Montagna
    so not sure how i can lose.

  • i’ve been hearing of some possible late changes to the saints tonight.

    Montagna and Kosi OUT.

    kosi out. Will affect many teams i suspect.

  • If Curnow scores more than 2 points I lose. Chances?

    • no

    • Maybe he will do a GRIMES before he gets a stat.

      • Grimes got a 6. You’re looking for a J Volt.

        • You wouldnt believe it…Curnow injured in first qtr and looks gone! Unfortuantely for you richo he got more than 2.

          That makes it Grimes and Curnow for me this wk. UnBeFkingLievable.

          • I know! How close to a miracle… Sorry Curnow owners for jinxing him

  • 18/23 1605 with judd, gibbs, goddard, Nroo, duigan.
    2050 i will be very happy with and as long as the 4 premos ton up i will make it no worries

  • Well that makes trading Grimes out easier. out for the season. Duigan and Grimes out, new look backline in.

  • Curnow just did a shoulder!

    From the MAILMAN. I hate dream team

    • He’s running on the boundary line….could come back on…hope so.

  • Ed Curnow subbed.

  • once again… FMDT

  • @Chartreuse
    you jinxed it big time!! ;)