Dream Team Stock Market – R5

Each week I will put in a simple format, important players who are likely to drop or gain a significant amount in value.  I will inform you who and when certain players are likely to peak and who is going to be at a bargain basement price. For the newer players to the game of DT here is a simple guide to getting the most out of your money/team.

After some good feedback from the first DTSM, I am back, reloaded and full of even more juicy info. Melbourne, Sydney and West Coast have the bye this week and we see the return of Brisbane, St Kilda and Western Bulldogs. Now please remember, 99% of players prices change, so I cannot begin to get close to speaking of all that do. I am selecting a list of players that could hold the key to making or breaking your year. For instance, Clinton Jones has the highest B/E this week, but no-one should have him and if you do, I am sure you are already aware of the mistake you have made!

Now remember there are two very important aspects to the stock market.

1.) Knowing when a player has reached the stage where based on his ability, you will not be able to get him any cheaper. This may be due to form, injuries, substitution or become possessed by the devil.

2.) Perfecting the moment in which you grab that rookie, walk him down to the DT bank and cashing him in.

Feel free to add me on twitter, as I love hearing from everyone and do my best to get my tweet on. If I have enough requests for specific players, I will endeavour to include them in the upcoming round.


Now get reading…

Stocks plummeting…

Jack Riewoldt$263,900 ↓$46,400 ( ↓$83,600) Jack is back!… on the list that is. Dropped a big fat lazy -$46,400 after scoring 55 vs Collingwood, which isn’t all bad. His B/E is 101, which is less than what he scored in Round 1 (106).  Next 3 opponents are: North, Brisbane and Freo. Averages over 80 vs North so has a chance of reaching his B/E this week. So do you get him in this week expecting big things? Or do you grab him next week after possibly dropping a tad more, $18,000 more this week.

  • Get on board tip: NOW or Round 6 v Brisbane for $250-$260,000.

Leigh Montagna$422,300 ↓$22,800 I’ll start off the trio of Saints with Joey. Now that Hayes is out, is he going to be as prolific? Hasn’t cracked the ton yet, but has 2 x 99‘s. Averaging 95 but the big test will start from now. Is up against Brisbane this week with a B/E of 156 this week, so he looks like he’ll drop a touch over $20,000 this week.

  • Get on board tip: Hard to judge… I might leave this one to next week. Or when Milney stops giving me the sh*ts.

Brendon Goddard$438,100 ↓$32,900 (↓$32,900) For those of you crazy enough to not have picked Goddard at the start of the year, congrats, your about to get him on the cheap, about $25,000 cheaper minimum that is. With a B/E of 175 vs Brisbane this week, he is bound to drop as this is Goddard’s least favourite team where he averages under 69.

  • Get on board tip: Round 7/8 vs Carlton/Hawthorn for $400,000.

Sam Gilbert $357,800 ↓$29,300 (↓$29,300) He has a B/E of 148 vs Brisbane this week where he averages 74.50 in the 2 games he has played against them. Price will fall -$25,000 and Sam will slid a lot more. Considering so many defensive players are stinking it up at the moment, it’s hard to gauge whether to jump on or off Sam. I think this round is going to be a huge indicator for a lot of players/teams, especially the Saints.

  • Get on board tip: Round 9 vs Melbourne for $300,000.

Greg Broughton$310,800 ↓$31,300 (↓$60,200) I apologise for jumping the gun G.Broughton on Twitter and naming you as the player that had broken their peg, but as @pkd73 said so nicely: “although if it was Broughton that would give me an excuse to trade him out.” Well, damn straight! As I am one of the lucky one’s that didn’t pick him at the start, I am actually thinking this is a blessing in disguise to get him in!  This week, his B/E is 129, is playing the Bulldogs where he averages 94.50. Could drop another $17,000 this week.

  • Get on board tip: If you think he will turn it around, Round 7 for $295,000.

Joel Selwood$411,500 ↓$32,200 (↓$32,200) Joel has recovered from his Round 1 knock and looks like he is up to his old tricks. 92 last week vs Sydney leaves him with a very beatable B/E of 94 vs Hawthorn this week. For the meantime, I doubt you will get him cheaper. Ideally you want him to drop a little bit more before Geelong have their bye in Round 6 so you can get him nice and prime for Round 7. Averages 112 vs Hawthorn though…

  • Get on board tip: NOW! Pull the trigger this week or stay tuned for J.Bartel after Geelong’s bye.

Luke Hodge$395,100 ↓$33,200 (↓$33,200) Everyone loves Hodgey but not many have considered him as he is no longer a DPP. But, he is still a jet and will come good as he works his way into full match fitness. For the 3 games he has played this year:  75, 91 & 67. Not what we usual expect from him, but that’s why this is the DTSM! Breakeven of 147 this week and he is up against Geelong where he averages 92. About to shed another $24,000.

  • Get on board tip: I’d still say Round 9 vs Sydney for $350,000.

Paul Chapman$457,400 ↓$14,800 (↓$14,800) This one was requested, but don’t jump your guns! The bloke is a DT god and has so far scored 101, 100 and smashed out a 120 last week. You must get him in your team if you don’t already, but the big question is: When? At the moment if you don’t have him, don’t pull the trigger yet, at some stage he will dip, because he only looks like dropping $9,000 this week with his B/E of 134. The 120 is in his rolling average for a couple of weeks still and he has the bye next week. I reckon he will be more of a mid-year upgrade when a few of the injured rookies come back into the fray.

  • Get on board tip: Calling it early, Round 14 v Adelaide for $400,000.

Brad Green$350,500 ↓$24,200 ($58,500) Our home grown hero isn’t off to a DT flyer, but he is the Melbourne captain, he can do what he wants.  For those of you who backed him early, 72, 63, 74 & 81 doesn’t really cut it for a premium. For those that don’t, lucky for you! Has a B/E of 116 this week, which is very gettable, just not on recent form. Bad news? He has the bye this week, so you have another week to think about it. Good news? It’s only early and Brad will be back to his best soon enough.

  • Get on board tip: Round 7 vs Adelaide for $330,000. (averages 103 against them)

Nathan Lovett-Murray$287,400 $28,500 ( $88,400) This one is from left field, but is worth a mention. He started the first 2 games as the substitute, cannot for the life of me recall his 3rd game and last week played a full game for scores of: 39, 24, 46 & 90. Has a B/E of only 86 this week vs Collingwood where he averages 73. After something a little unique if his substitute days are over? Might be a gem at this price.

  • Get on board tip: After 24 beers and a few images of Broughtons season so far, you’d consider most things.


Show me the money!

Tom Liberatore – $158,900 (↑$66,400) Straight out of last weeks DTSM. While he may have already increased in value, that isn’t stopping young Libba from being a good investment if you don’t already have him. 72, 116 & 76 is very solid in a very strong Western Bulldogs midfield. Bulldogs would be mad to drop this young talent from their side. If he has another solid game in Round 5, will go up about $54,000. B/E is -69.

  • Current Form Value: Around the $330-340,000.

Edward Curnow – $223,500 $50,100 ($127,100) Not quite at the heights or level of Barlow but is having a red hot crack for us. Another very solid contribution last week of 90 and this week faces a B/E of –17. So looking like going up a further $40,000 in value. Keep it coming Curnow!

  • Current Form Value: Slightly under $380,000 at the minute.

Nicholas Duigan – $182,800 $46,200 (↑$90,300) Looked awesome last week with his best score of 93 which will be very handy in his rolling average. B/E is -26 and set to fatten up $34,000 big one’s this week. I’m liking the look of him in my backline and could become a keeper for me.

  • Current Form Value: Just over the $280,000 mark thanks to last week.

Jayden Pitt – $139,600 $47,100 (↑$47,100) Who? 47, 76 & 87 that’s who. The kid from Freo has snuck under the radar and has been playing very consistent footy. B/E of -55 this week. Does he have more upside than Krakouer? Money making wise? Yes he does. Job security wise? Only time will tell. Expect another $42,000 to be added to his value once this week is done and dusted.

  • Current Form Value: Just over $270,000.

Josh Toy – $97,600 ($0) So you picked Michael Coad at the start, ouch. But that’s ok, you have been given 24 trades. So take one of them and trade Coad out and trade Toy in. Then pretend you had him all along! Simple. Toy’s first increase if he gets a gig this week should be in the region of $40,000, which makes losing Coad a little easier to swallow. First two games had 53 & 75 and will build on that.

  • Current Form Value: About $250,000 at best.

David Swallow – $198,000 $37,500 ( $37,500) He’s been toying with us hasn’t he? (Did you like that? Toy and Swallow, yeah ok.) $34,500 should be his next jump in value with his B/E of -23. Had his best DT score last week of 96 and looks like he is starting to find his feet, expecting big things soon.

  • Current Form Value: Just over $300,000. But I am hoping more…

Jed Adcock $293,100 ($30,600) Just to tease everyone who doesn’t have him yet. This week he is back from the bye and plays St Kilda with a B/E of -9 and another $30,000 jump in price. Keep an eye out! Chances are you already traded him in, didn’t you?

  • Current Form Value: Just over $380,000. Boom.

Nat(han) Fyfe $333,100 $28,600 ($50,200) The mid-priced player that paid off, if you had him. I ummmed and ahhhed all pre-season and went for Palmer. Lesson learned: Go with the gut at all times! Scores of: 95, 65, 117 a McMammoth 137 last week! Has a B/E of 4. Which is gettable if your name isn’t K.Hunt. Set to spike $34,000 this week, what a player he is turning out to be.

  • Current Form Value: Just over $400,000!

Jasper Pittard $172,400 $38,200 ($74,800) Has been a very solid money maker and his scores are increasing  in the last 3 weeks. 52, 50, 79 & 87 isn’t a bad effort. Due to Port’s injury crisis, I don’t really see him getting dropped for a little while, until he is ready to be cashed in anyways! Add another $33,000 to him this week with his B/E of -32.

Current Form Value: Just over $260,000.

Brodie Smith $152,800 $44,300 ($44,300) Had a very nice first price rise and looks like adding another $40,000 this week. Hopefully the Crows start playing a lot more direct and Brodie can get some even higher DT action. 50, 77 & 87 sees him too increase his output. His B/E this week is -46 and he looks pretty safe in your backline for now!

Current Form Value: $275,000 on his current output.