Multi-Bye Madness 1: Round 4 Discussion

We have the first of our multi-bye rounds and this includes St Kilda, Western Bulldogs and Brisbane. Hopefully you have a full team to get you through the week. We think par score will be about 2000 or so. Most teams have Goddard and Riewoldt… with a sprinkling on Montagna, Boyd and Higgins. Hopefully you aren’t too decimated with the byes (or injuries).

As the round progresses, let us know your score. in the form of 333/3 (that’s 333 points with 3 players… if your captain has played, add a player to it – he counts as two). Also, keep people updated with the Substitutes aswell!

COMMENT: How many players are you without this week?


  • Few scrumptious scores from rookies this round. Hopefully the GC boys can keep it up now and I overtake Le Rade in national ranking.

  • My only real duds this week have been Krakeour, Stanley and Prestia, and I’m thinking most sides will have at least two of them playing, so I shouldn’t be hurt too bad by them.

    What’re you guys thinking you’ll score if your GC boys score the same in the 2nd half, and your Freo/NM players score average?

    2k is looking better by the quarter I reckon.

  • Toy is a DT gun

  • Sandi confirmed to play;


    Fremantle: Nick Suban, Rhys Palmer, Dylan Roberton.
    Substitute: Garrick Ibbotson

    North Melbourne: Ben Cunnington, Shaun Atley, Sam Wright.

    Substitute: Cruize Garlett

  • Magin subbed on early in the third. Anyone know who was subbed off…?

  • has prestia been subbed off? or does he just love cock?

  • righto apologies to everyone i will not post on outs in the future sorry for any concerns

    cheers OLD SALT

  • I need 95 from Richardson to crack 2000!! :)

    • don’t like ur chances

    • fuck i need 90 from richardson to crack the 2000, fckn lower getting dropped got me a zero in the backline with goddard, adcock and hibberd out

  • 2148 with petrie to come.. if i went duigan instead of stanley, harris instead of krak and darling instead of tapscott that would be 2248.. gay probably cost me 1 grand :-(

  • Go Fyfey…badly need a ton from you son, especially since it looks like Broughton is really enjoying having his finger up his arse.

  • What is broughton doing peeling oranges

    • he’ll be peeled from my team this week

      • +1

        Not going to get into another Jonno Brown situation like last season, where I wanted to flick him when he first got injured but then got sucked in to watching him for another week, and then another week, and then another week… I’ll cut my losses with Broughton and upgrade on another line… Spud!!

  • How good is Colin Sylvia. On 3 at qtr time and ends up on 132!!!!

  • Is Suban Injured???? :\

  • if you were going to get rid of broughton, who for?

  • hopefully freo can have a win. Got 100 bucks for a margin or 20 – 39. umm… ?

  • I’m not gunna get rid of him !! He is just letting us down !! We got him for a reason, he will pick up his ave once they get players back!! I have faith !! No use gettin rid of him anyway his gone down 50k

  • pavlova is carving it up!!

  • Fyfe has gone to sleep since qtr time. Massive tumble down the overall rankings coming up for me :-(

    • I take that back…Fyfe just woke up big time. 35 DT points in 5 mins! Still not enough to make up for the rest of the duds today (Prestia, Richardson, Stanley, and probably Broughton the worst of them).

  • Suban suspected broken Fibula!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can just 1 of my players today do well! fucking hell…wont crack 2000 at this rate >(

  • What will be the highest overall score this week as will it be as low scoring as last week?

    • Someone should clear 2200pts this week, there have been some good scores around the round, especially with good return from Rookies.

      I’ve just clocked 2100, and with Darling benched for both Krakouer/Tappscott so someone else would have surely played a similar team to me and picked Darling to play over either of those two…

      Still, a quarter to go of the Freo vs Roos game, and some unique picks like Fyfe and Pav doing well.

      I just hope Sandi and Richardson can put another 50pts together this quarter,

  • petrie is shit.

  • 2030 with petrie/broughton and pav to play the last qtr

  • Broughton ZERO tackles…saids it all…lazy maggot!!!

  • All I can say is that I gave Broughton one last chance to prove himself this week. He’s a gonner now.

  • Round over 2154 pretty happy! Could have 94 more if I played swan as captain and Duigan over Stanley. Played Cox as captain. Had a feeling about someone from WA it was Pavlich not Cox! Anyway best score so far!

  • Round complete, 2153 for me.

  • 2013 and $300 win on sportingbet happy round.

  • should i get dane swan considering my midfield is pretty good but forward and back isnt as good and if i get dane swan i wont have much money for forward or back

    Watson, J
    Deledio, B
    Chapman, P
    Rockliff, T
    Montagna, L
    Mahony, J

    Goodes, A
    Tapscott, L
    Hurley, M
    Nahas, R
    Giansiracusa, D
    Riewoldt, J
    Watts, J

    Suckling, M
    Heppell, D
    Hunt, J
    Goddard, B
    Lovett-Murray, N
    Gwilt, J
    Krakouer, N

    What should i do?????????????????

    • Messy looking team, can you swap Lids to defence and Chappy into your Fwds with DPP’s?

  • Warnie, have you got my email about an article?