The Knee-Jerk: Round 3

The Knee-jerk

Welcome to the first edition of the knee-jerk. This will be a regular mid round place for you to vent all your knee-jerk reactions about what has happened in the round so far. All the knee-jerk shockers, all the new band wagoners, all the Friday night captains’ curses, all the duck eggs; they will be here. They aren’t always rational; they are just knee-jerk reactions that come before you think about it properly. Just remember it’s better to knee-jerk in here than be a Monday Mark and do it with the trade button. So, what do we have so far…..?


Mark Murphy. (69)

I remember when I was a kid playing for the Avondale heights under 8b’s I found a 20c piece on the ground at the start of the second quarter. I held it in my hand for the entire quarter….obviously I didn’t get a kick; I’m not entirely convinced that Mark Murphy didn’t find a coin on the g’ last night also, he stunk worse than someone else’s dim sim on the tram.

Andrew Carrazzo (37)

Carrots is skating on thin ice and let me tell you he’s no Katerina Witt. He’s actually more like the cartoon character that scratches a circle in the ice whilst doing a pirouette and falls in bobbing up and down like an ice cube. It’s time to offload before he leaks even more money. Who the hell gives away 6 Frees…apart from buddy…or lower.

Andy Otten  (57)

My mate ‘the mailman’ reckons a new Dreamteam is like a brand new pair of runners. You get them and they are shiny and white, you treat them like gold, never walking near mud. Then one day you get a stain on them and it’s all over, before too long you are traipsing in dog shit and not caring. Otten is the first stain on your brand new runners, if you have him its all downhill from here. Hello bench.


Chris Dawes  (99)

If Dawes keeps it up his bandwagon will look like one of those Indian passenger trains. Some safe coaches will wait too long to hit a band wagon and by the time they get on its pretty much sitting there with no wheels and weeds growing over it. I would not wait until it’s too late for this one. In fairness he wouldn’t be so great in a poor side but the service he gets makes him more than worthwhile.

Ed Curnow  (100)

Most debabted over him or Libba for the round 2 fu*k up downgrade but thought Curnow would struggle against the pies. This guy now looks nailed on, I still would think about bringing him in after a price rise. Good news is if you picked him you got the right one and the car is still an option. Bad news is all Libba pickers….you’ll still be driving your old bomb this time next year.

Nat Fyfe  (117)

I normally hate picking second year players because it doesn’t seem that long ago that we bought them for 96k. I made an exception with this guy and couldn’t be happier, he is a deadest jet. If there isn’t a bandwagon yet there should be! Rev up the engines it’s about to leave.

Friday Captains Curse

Dane Swan  (116)

This guy is a freak. I’m sure they cloned him from Boba Fetts dad in Star wars along with the storm troopers. I was all ready to say I told you so, never pick a Friday captain…..Swan was having a shocker – you know it’s bad when you get done for kicking in danger. But swan did what swan does…..get junk time crap making everybody who dosent own him watch between the gaps between their fingers. Atleast that score going through the 3 week averages may bring down the price a touch. I’m still calling it a Friday fu*k up….i’d not be super happy with 116 from a captain.

Other news

It can’t be long now until Chris Judd gets some form of advertising on his white mouth guard. The amount of times he has it flashing for all to see is all too much for an advertsing agent to handle. Look for the big visy sign to be in that grimacing mouth any time soon.

Coles and Safeway have continued their price slashing war. Today a spokesman from Coles said the price of Didak’s, Lakes and Broughton’s would be going down down and a Safeway spokesman said he would be knocking down the price on Didak’s, Broughton’s and Lakes also. Look out for a bargain soon people.

Everybodies favourite giant Aaron Sandilands was subbed off early after failing in an attempt to pull off the Calvin pirate look. We all know they are by the sea and love boats but the eye patch was going too far big guy.

Callan Wards haircut may have also sent Campbell Brown in to a fit of rage, I know it’s a shocker Brownie but you can’t go round hitting people like that…..didn’t your dad teach you any discipline?

Lastly for all those who took my advice and kept Palmer…he flew out to reach 80 by 3 quarter time then just stopped, still happy with an 87 though. Didn’t leak too much cash. You just bought yourself another week.

So theres a few knee jerks from the first half of the round, any other knee jerks out there that you would like to share?


  • just brought otten in for everitt….Doh!!

  • what about bloody Broughton :(
    getting pissed off now
    and Delidio

    • Broughton is pissing me off too. I’m going a straight swap to Enright.

    • anyone know if he is carrying an injury or something?
      doesn’t seem to want the ball

      • looked like he was playing a tighter defensive role, probably just reflective of that. i reckon he’ll bounce back.

  • Dammit Everitt, Y U score 103 on bench!?
    Also…19 tackles from Jude Bolton!!

  • Decided all week that Foley was going to stay in the team, then with 10 minutes to go before lockout, decided to trade him for Shiels. Was looking like a terrible trade by half time- Shiels was on 24 and Foley 37. Ended with Shiels getting an awesome score of 102 in the wet!

  • Looking to get right of broughton for enright and I want to ditch Didak but I don’t know who for…

    • keep didak he will come good just getting his fitness up.. had a limited pre-season..

  • Still searching for that “delete team” button…

  • my 2 cents never trade out a premium.. waste of a trade !!!

  • last chance for Broughton and I had enough. Enright comes into my side this week..

  • I’m so glad this topic has been opened – here I go!


    1) I waited as late as I could on Friday evening, and looked for every sign possible, before deciding between Curnow (100) and Libba Jnr (76) as the sideways Rook trade for the injured S Buckley. When Curnow WASN’T named as the sub for Carlton, I lost my excuse to pick Libba Jnr. That’s +1 for my knee jerk reactions at the start of Round 3.

    2) Although it was a viable option, I chose not to burn another sideways trade and kept D Swallow (80) instead of bringing in Libba Jnr (76). That’s +2 for my knee jerk reactions at the start of Round 3.

    3) Every ounce of me wanted to offload A Everritt after stinking up my starting 22 for the first 2 rounds. The only problem was I had 0$ in the kitty and already had Heppell, Lower, Duigan, Lester and Stanley as Back Rooks – there was noone worth burning a second sideways trade on. That’s +3 for my knee jerk reactions at the start of Round 3.


    1) Despite my inspired choice of selecting Curnow (100) over Libba Jnr (76), I f*&% up by leaving him on the pine in favour of Krakour (48) and Harris (62). That’s -1 for my knee jerk reactions at the start of Round 3.

    2) Upon closer inspection, keeping D Swallow doesn’t help much when he is also on the pine scoring 80, while Krakour and Harris are notching up 48 and 62 respectively. That’s -2 for my knee jerk reactions at the start of Round 3.

    3) “Well done” I thought to myself on deciding to keep A Everritt (103) instead of jumping on the A Ottens (57) ‘bandwagon’. “Nice one D*&^%$#d” I said loudly when I realised I benched him in favour of Broughton (56) and Lower (61). That’s -3 for my knee jerk reactions at the start of Round 3.

    4) Last, but not least, of my self destructive DT moves was the decision to leave Prestia (100) on the pine in favour of Darling (69) and Matera (45). That’s -4 for my knee jerk reactions at the start of Round 3.

    At the end of the day, it’s one thing to select all of the right Premiums, all of the right Mid-pricers and all of the right Cash Cow Rooks, but it’s an entirely different kettle-of-fish starting the right ones on the field.

    I play Dream Team the same way I play Black Jack….. by the formulae – not my gut feeling (draw against the dealers 10, sit on a dealers < 6, draw on a soft 17) … and I will continue to pick each player based on their season average. Hopefully by the end of the season, I will have the highest scoring 22 players on the field.

    Just imagine how BORING life would be if it wasn't for DREAM TEAM…………..

    • I was in a similar spot to you, but traded Everitt for Suckling. Did the same mistake and left Prestia on the bench in favour of Harris. maybe that 90odd last week was a bit of a fluke, played better because it was his milestone game.

      Want Curnow in next week, but then will have too many Carlton players in my side.

    • P.S Stanley scored 75 on the pine versus Broughton (56) and Lower (61). That’s -5 for my knee jerk reactions at the start of Round 3!!!

      • p.p.s Traded in M Murphy for Kennedy, probably scored his lowest for the season. And Kennedy doesn’t get tagged and almost cracks a ton.

  • what a shit weekend.

    Picked Gaff, Harris and Liiba. ALL over Curnow and Swallow on my bench

    Picked Swan as cap instead of Boyd

    Picked Krak over Prestia…

    If i have picked Curnow, swallow and Prestia instead of krak, Gaff and Harris…
    i would be 1500 after 16…
    instead of 1350 after 16….

    Bloody Delidio.

    Time for Goddard, Bartel to smack 130’s

  • Traded Foley and Palmer for Pendles and Curnow, but I put Curnow on the bench thinking Harris and Libba could score more. AH Negative!!!!!

    Otten is a joke, I cant wait to cash him in ASAP, Maybe Puopolo can come in for those Hawks injuries, 2-3 weeks time Otten might be worth trading in.

  • Awe man im Fuming Like with everyone else this is what my mids bench looks like

    Curnow, Edward 100
    Prestia, Dion 100
    Swallow, David 80

  • Worst weekend ever my whole team has underperformed.

    Pendles Captain

    I accidentally forgot to take A. Swallow and Boomer Harvey off the field so I got Curnows 100 and Krakeours 48

    Because of my emergency being used on A. Swallow I didn’t have any cover for mitchell.

    I also had stupid Otten, Harris, Ward on field.

    Broughton is officially a dud.

    After averaging 2120 for 2 weeks I will be lucky to get 1850 this week.

  • I will cop some low scores this week as I attempt to save trades early in the season.
    Just gonna go with what I have (Broughton & Lower) and suck it up.
    I am determined to have trades for finals this year!

  • I have Broughton and BRUCE so I think that I might stick with Broughton he is young and i believe he will improve but doubt Bruce will so Bruce>>>>Enright

    • trade out bruce ???? he had a stinker 58 round 1 but than a 90 and a 47 from half a game.. total waste of a trade and it will cost you 50 k..

  • Is Curnow a must after his performance against the pies and is it worth offloading Ward for his sake?

  • like everybody else on here, i am sucking! every bench player was wrong (but they are still making money), but its the likes of delids and broughton that piss me off. ill happily take the crap from krak, lower, harris, otten and vickory stick cause at least they were cheap.

    note: massive round for sideway trade backfire!! the 1 i considered of broughton to enright will no doubt pay off for any smart people that did it.

  • Despite me having Broughton and Deledio, i’m on 16/1504, feeling very happy.

    Need to give Broughton the flick ASAP and with me having a salary cap of $4100, what are the suitable replacements?

    • Gram, Suckling, Rawlings, Russell, Grimes

    • swanlow i had broughton but traded down to nick suban, he ended up with a 99. so am happy with that as nick will get plenty of the ball running off halfback.

      • Big Suban could be a “unique pick” to my side if I’m considering going unique. That trade could pay me off with Suban averaging 91 in the Freo half backline.

  • I traded out Broughton before this round started, and brought in Enright, I’m feeling pretty good about that decision now.
    Currently sitting on 16/1552
    Its definitely going to be one of those rounds where a lot of people are going to be disappointed with their results.

  • where do i start… deledio, lower, krakouer, harris, matera… meanwhile i had duigan 75, suban 99, coad, 82, curnow 100, swallow 80, darling 69 all on my bench… FMDTL

  • Traded out Everitt and his 103 points for Gibbs who got 85. And I made him a Friday night captain to complete the disaster. I also traded Foley for Curnow, which was fine except I left him on the bench and played Libba. Will I ever get it right?

    • You wont be the only only one. I traded Atley for Libba and kept Conca for a monsterous 30. Plus I let Curnow go. Gotta love DT.

  • How about a “knee gerk” rule change. The sub rule is killing me and I would imagine a lot of other coaches as well. Lost the first 2 weeks by close margins and looks like happening again this week – who would have thought Bruce as a sub!!!??? Anyway – what about a lock out system that only excluded trades and allowed coaches to rotate players within their side to allow for subs? Would be a fairer system by far. Any thoughts??

    • the sub rule is gay but everyone will be affected throughout the year shakes it up a bit..

      • +1.

        As much as I am getting bent over by the Sub Rule, it is helping to add a new dimension to DT.

        Now that every man, woman and child has access to great sites like this, the Sub Rule and multi-bye rounds will ultimate be the difference between everyones teams.

        Long live DT!

        • it is great for upgrades !!

          • Showing my age here, but when I started playing it was 19th and 20th man, so I think having a 19th man and 3 interchange players is an interesting mix of past and present.

  • only 25 tons this week so far how poor is that ? reakon today will be high scoring but.. can see big tons from saints, bombers, cats and dees players.. interesting to note sylvia scored 149 his last game v lions he better repeat that today !!

  • Think I’ll take the Concaman’s little price rise and run all the way to the deli for a bag of lollies. Like a lot of people, the inconsistency of def rookies is killing me…oh and Krakouer (I’ll put a nice little blanket on the bench for you next week). Still made some good calls, Curnow started (eat shit non-believers!!!) and have Jesse O’Brien starting too (Bewick isn’t my emergency). All he has to do obviously is not get injured and he’ll get an entire game…with their record for soft tissue/foot/mouth injuries, you can’t see Brisbane getting through an entire game without someone not getting injured. Go Silver!!!

  • so mush shiyt has pissd me off this rnd
    Everitt playing an attacking role and scoring awesome, after I just traded him out
    Bewick being named as sub, in my starting…with d swallow and prestia on the pine pumping 80 and 100
    deledio crap
    otten crap
    getting in liba over curnow
    etc etc..

  • Round 3 will come down as one of the worst weeks in DT.



    Two preety much indenitical teams
    I have broughton, he has adcock
    I have selwood, he has bartel
    I have higgins, he has sylvia.

    So, with higgins getting the ton, i was SURE i had this round in the bag.

    So, for me to win this round, i need selwood to score 50 points more then bartel…
    they both got 85 atm..

    Yep great, 0-3 after 3 rounds

  • Bloody Enright and Varcoe – thought I was home and then I log on and checked my scores and fmdt!

    Oh yere Broughton and Deledio – wankers!!!

  • Paddy Ryder now needs to get 18 points more than bloody Montagna…..bloody hell!

  • You are a genuine wit, adzman!!
    Shared the laughs with my non-DT but footy wise mate and he loved it too…especially the reference to Campbell’s dad…hahahaha

    • cheers mate!

      old mal knew how to throw a punch..i guess only us oldies know about it ;)

  • Traded OUT

    Everitt and Kennedy

    ( 103 and 81 )

    Traded IN

    Libba and Deledio

    ( 76 and 51 )

    64 points negative trade… Nice

    F.M.D.T. !!

    Oh didn’t get Curnow and he gets the ton…

    DOUBLE F.M.D.T. !!

    And Bewick gets Subbed

    TRIPLE F.M.D.T. !!!

    3 Rounds in and I’m hitting delete. Waste of time.

  • everitt out –> enright in = everitt ton – enright 60 – fuckin great not
    foley out –> curnow in = foley 70 – curnow sitting on the fuckin bench – not fuckin happy at all

    i lose 2 out of 5 of my leagues…… one by 10 POINTS & the other by 5 FUCKIN POINTS!

    EVERITT AFTER YOU’VE FUCKED ME OVER, NEVER WILL I EVEN CONSIDER U FOR MY TEAM AGAIN, you’re on a life ban joining robbie gray as never being selected….

    burned 2 trades when i should of just kept both… SHIT

  • Loved the article, adzman – very entertaining.

  • Can I justify going Pavlich to Fyfe in the midfield?

    • done! fyfe is the future…a jet, going to be a harder at the ball daisy thomas

  • yeah could of been worse for Swan owners who had him Captain (like me), was on 36 at half time, ruined half my friday night worrying about him, but it got better :)

  • To trade or not to trade Broughton?