Stay tuned, it’s coming…

Need a perfect start to a Thursday? Want to get the perfect head’s up before Team Selections? Then stay tuned next week for just that! 10am, be there when the bell sounds.

And just so you don’t feel a little shattered that you’ve wasted a few seconds clicking on this post, (because you’ll be thanking me this time next week) I shall leave you with some interesting Charlie Sheen quotes and a link to a very humerous video to take your mind off DT just for a moment, I’ll see you next Thursday. Good luck this weekend!

  • “I probably took more than anybody could survive. I was banging seven-gram rocks. Because that’s how I roll. I have one speed. I have one gear: Go.”
  • “I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there.”
  • “The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.”
  • “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.”
  • “We need to hack up the person responsible for this bad connection. Hack him up into pieces in front of his children. We need to cut off his face and wear it and go on a very tightly budgeted shopping spree in stores that don’t exist yet!”
  • “Most of the time, and this includes naps, I’m an F-18.”



  • i still feel a little shattered ;)

    • I’m sick of reading gay articles such as this.

      Warnie, it would be much appreciated if this site was exclusive to the DT Talk boys.

      • + 1

      • Yeah… seems like there’s a lot of content from non-DTTalk dudes on the site these days. Where’s chopper when you need him?

        Would really like more articles on strictly DT related issues, not puff pieces about random people’s addicitons to DT and Cuz’s postcards from Bali…

        Just my 2 cents.

      • This isn’t the “ban him” thread, that was Calvin’s Captains.

  • Charlie Sheen, what a classic. Great for one-liners!

  • Honestly Aki, you are a muppet.

    What makes you think that this site’s audience of are interested in a mass market cretin like Charlie Sheen, just because we share the gender and age viewing demographic of ‘Two and a Half Men’?

    Sheen is a moron and a drug addict with a serious mental illness. The man is very sick., and it’s no laughing matter.

    If you really need filler then why not point your fellow DTer’s to a comic with class, like the late great Mitch Hedberg:

    Forgive me, but your ‘stay tuned, it’s coming?’ teaser is very dull. Grow up mate.

    Warnie, are you that desperate for content that you have to give Sheen a free plug?

    • Hedberg is classic, however I wouldn’t slag someone off for being a drug addict, then present Mitch as an alternative.

      • Yeah I was expecting that rebuttal Max, and fair point.

        Mitch’s death was very sad, but the way he lived his life was very different from Sheen’s self-serving egotism.

        I just don’t find Sheen funny, not since his cameo in Ferris Bueller anyway.

        • Can’t and won’t argue with anything you’ve said there….agree 100%

          • How’s your dream team going? Trading this week?

          • Probably just the one trade, have to get rid of M Morton. Not getting the midfield time he got last year.

    • I think Sheen is playing everyone… will be laughing all the way to the bank!

  • Aki (our mate and a great DT mind) will have a Thursday trading article starting next week. People want content on here, not just to read…. but just so you can talk about your own shit decisions you are making (people don’t even read half of the articles anyway).

    If it was ‘exclusive’ to just us writing stuff, then you’d probably only see 4 things a week. We don’t have the time to put into the site that we used to (considering we are sellouts). If we got more than a couple of dollars a day from the google ads, then maybe we would be able to not work a fulltime normal job.

    Alternative is we shut down the site, but there is (most of the time) a great community here. We love articles from our friends and other DT brains. Look out tomorrow to see one from Dunny who will help answer the questions we get EVERY week “Who should I play on the ground”.

    It is early in the season too… we are only this week working out what are the regular articles and things that will pop up here. Sorry to all of the people who pay us for DT TALK. We’ll send the cheques back.

    In that, thanks Aki… I am looking forward to what you’ll have next week – as with reading “tbetta’s bullets”, Dunny’s “Ridin’ the Pine” and other articles – such as ones from adzman (funny unit).

    • it’s okay warnie you are my idol lol all they guys u get to write articles for you are extremly knowledgable and funny as fuck.. and i think most of us are happy for u guys finally getting some dollars for your hard work..

    • Warnie, charge for it mate. $50 a pop. Most people on this site play in cash leagues where they stand to win multiples of that so should be able to consider it an investment.

      In addition to financing you boys into writing quality articles it actually may reduce the number of viewers down to those people that actually take this seriously. Whilst you may lose 20c per day in advertising, I believe the result will be a far superior service to those subscribed.

      People will be less scared to talk about their uniques (for fear of having their ideas ripped off) and the quality of chat will increase substantially. I can’t stand trawling through pages of comments inc “How does the captain loophole work?” or ” Shit, I ccan’t do basic maths so I lost 150 points for not captaining swan ahead of Murphy”.

      The core of this site is brilliant but as it has grown bigger, unfortunately it has grown less valuable to those who first started using it. I’d pay $50 to bring back the old DT Talk and get rid of the punters around here, including Aki.

    • @ W. Dawg

      I welcome and enjoy all the new guys posts including Aki’s (Roy’s real estate is still my fave) ; my issue was with the crap Sheen filler.

      Incidentally, why don’t you make the site a subscription service? I’d pay $3.99 per month easy.

      I rely on DT Talk mainly because I live in QLD and simply can’t get to enough games (I’m coming down for Cats v Hawks).

      Assistant Coach helps too so yeah, go for gold. Make us much many as you can mate.

      Tried Boags Pure?

    • Surely you DT guys could get a gig with fox sports or the footy show. I guess you will need to add the Supercoach tripe in aswell, and that is really only for the Vics.

      I enjoy watching the vids yall create, yeah some of the articles are not read all the way through, but different strokes for different folks, someone may have loved it.

  • hollywood creates then breaks people like sheen for their own personal gain and viewing pleasure.

    Anyone seen meet the feebles?..classic movie!

    all these so called a-listers are just expendeble pawns.

    • Lol Meet The Feebles.

      They’re not your average, ordinary people!

      Didn’t Peter Jackson direct that Muppet Movie?

  • Eddie Macguire is in the starting line-up for Collingwood this week at the MCG , he’ll be tossing himself , i mean the coin after he unviels the 2010 Premiership Flag on Friday night !!

    Money on it Eddie cries !! ;-)

  • Some of the comments attached to this article are really disappointing. Are people seriously proposing that the very atmosphere of tolerance that the dt lads (and especially Warnie) have cultivated be reined in so as to accommodate a smaller audience? The only reason that people feel so unashamed of making such requests is because of THEIR tolerance! No-one is prescribing you to read every article and every comment and if the content is not to your taste or liking, why don’t you write a pure dt related comment and encourage discourse yourself? I don’t give a fuck if you’re paranoid that someone else may “steal” your good idea, if you want the “quality” of dttalk to improve, take the dt lads example and do it yourself and stop whinging like little kids who have dropped their fucking ice-creams.

    • +1

    • I take my previous comments back. You are right – I am just far too paranoid that people will steal all of my thoughts with regards to the connection of Charlie Sheen and dream team.

      Also, I am really looking forward to Dunny’s thoughts on who we should start on the ground as he is a highly regarded dream team blogger and great intellect (almost in the same ilk as the big cuz)!!!

      • So, if he was a ghost writer with my name put to it… would you agree with everything that was said?

        Hope you locked in Montagna last week as Captain because Calvin told you so…

        • No I did not put Montagna as captain because Swan is a class above everyone else, hence I do not treat your word as gospel. However I do take the DT talk boy’s advice on-board yet if you guys were to write-up absolute horseshit as Cuz’s trip to Bail or the article above then it would be obvious to say that your opinions would be worthless to the dream team community.

          P.S i reckon I could write a far superior article than all of these half-wits.

          • Just do it then. You don’t need a big heading. The point of Cuz’s article was not his trip to Bali…it was about the dt community and how people have met like-minded people abroad and shared experiences and good times. I guess that was lost on you.

      • Congratulations on your positive comment regarding Dunny’s upcoming post.

    • Honestly some people on here are just faarking muppets. Anyone would think you are paying a fee to be here the way you whinge about every little faarking thing. I think some of you need to be weaned off mumma’s titty, this site is awesome show some appreciation.

      • Exactly, DT Talk is a great and free site ……..if you’re not interested in a particular article/author, dont read it!!!

    • well said McScoundrel
      if you dont like the articles dont read them pretty simple

  • Love it – some great quotes there.

    Anyone who gave negative feedback in this, go and crawl in a hole – you humourless swines. Most notably Mr Snrub & Innocent criminals

  • @ InnocentCriminals

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts/views/opinion on this article, It’s been captivating.

    Firstly, if you want to have a dig at someone, don’t contradict yourself so often in your post.

    1.) Having a crack at me for posting “irrelvant material” is fair call (ever seen Wall Street? Make more sense next Thursday). But to then continue on with your own irrevalant material by mentioning and including a link of Mitch Hedburg (a massive drug user that was born with a heart defect who died by no doubt an overdose of cocaine to go along with his heart problem) is total contradiction to your arguement.

    2.) By also saying being a drug addict is not a laughing matter, then calling Sheen a “retard” is also more rubbish. I would find people born with a mental/physical impairment not a laughing matter whatsoever compared to someone who choose on their own merits to take drugs and become an addict.

    3.) You welcome and enjoy new guys posts? Be calling me a muppet at this article is another contradiction.

    In closing, the whole point of posting this small “irrelavant article” was too break up everyone’s day with a bit of a laugh and state the fact I will be posting in a new weekly article. Anyone can choose whether or not to drag their mouse over the title and left clicking it to have a look, I don’t see a gun to your head?

    I look forward to sharing my wealth of knowledge with people that appreciate everyone who posts on this site. Have a good one. Aki

    • @Aki

      I apologise for calling you a muppet, and I apologise to anyone with an intellectual disability for using the term ‘retard’ to describe Charlie Sheen.

      I also admit that I did not anticipate the link between Charlie Sheen circa. Wall Street I and your forthcoming article, which I imagine has something to do with the basic similarities between DT and the stock market.

      Yes I did contradict myself, and as Max Power noted above, it probably wasn’t very bright of me to knock Charlie Sheen and then put Mitch Hedberg forward (no pun intended) as an alternative.

      However, to be frank, I’m just sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen, and that was the start and end of my vent.

      I look forward to your article next week and commend you on making an effort to write for this site.

      If an when I ever come up with a new angle on DT, I will email Warnie with my idea.

      I wish you all the best for Rd 3, and I’m sorry I caused you any offence.

      Have a good one yourself.


  • Forget about the content of some of these articles, i believe kudos to those that take the time to write them.
    Some have been great, and some articles perhaps a bit on the average side, but none the less, atleast they make the effort to contribute to this great site!
    UNFORTUNATELY, the site seems to have attracted people that offer very little- other than to personally attack and vilify others!!!

    • It seems that way, during pre-season alot of comments were about just about DT, but i see alot of new names and some people just want to be jokers because they can be, I appreciate the new blog writers and i think Warnie & co. deserve a big pat on the back for everything they have done to make DT Talk a respected website and helping us become better at the game

    • funnily enough most of the negative comments seem to come from existing dt talk users who think they are better than the new contributors, not the new guys.

      I can guarantee the same people buy houses by the airport and then moan about the planes all day!!

      The future of social media is collaboration and that means more people contributing otherwise these types of sites will die.

      Anyway final message who want this site to be their little secret – grow up, the more people are here the more competitive dream team will be (not to everyone’s taste by the sounds of it) and the more reward you will feel if you do well.

  • I had a laugh! i thought i might post you one of my favourite comedians as well ENJOY from everyone’s mate Arnie.

  • I have to say, I am somewhat new to this site but I have to agree with some who don’t agree with these type of articles…

    Personally, I don’t care if there are only 4 articles per week. I come here to read and discuss dream team, not anything else.

    Keep up the good work though guys, love your work and loving the site.