A bit of perspective is needed this week. There is hysteria all over the place about jumping on and off players before the price rise/fall. These are trades we are burning people! You did your research so trust in it. If you bought shares in BHP and they dropped a few dollars in the first two weeks would you quickly sell them off? Not likely. There are ups and downs, that’s DT, the game we play. But there is one constant… There are 24 trades and once they are gone they are gone. As Roy said earlier, you’ll need a reason to trade, do you have one?

I just want to highlight the fortunes of two players, one has been called a spud and everyone wants to jump off and the other is being called the new king. Their prices are different, ill grant that but their seasons have been quite closely matched and they have been quite similar in scoring potential.

Week 1

Andrew Krakour compiles a nice 96 before being subbed for the last quarter.

Rhys Palmer receives a heavy knock before regaining composure to compile 55 before being subbed during a 3rd quarter in which he had already amassed 11 possessions.

One could argue Palmer was on his way to getting a nice score and Krak was already there.

Week 2

Andrew Krakour comes on for the last quarter and quickly amasses 48

Rhys Palmer also come on around the same time and compiles a quick fire 53

Whether or not they scored so quickly because they were fresh is irrelevant, they both have shown they can find it and score well.

The new sub rule is a lot of things but there is one thing about it that I think we can bank on. Players wont (I hope) be subs for more than one or two weeks in a row. It will ruin their match fitness and put said player behind the eight ball. With that being said I think both of these players can look forward to playing a full game this week.

Palmers B.E of 121 may be just out of reach but I’ll back him to get around the ton.

As I said earlier these guys have had similar seasons so why one is a spud and one is not is beyond me. (Remember Krak would be around the same price if he didn’t have the jail discount) If I had palmer I’d be waiting a few more weeks before offloading. It might be frustrating now but wait until he plays a full game at least! He has proven he can average over 80 for a few seasons; trust your pick for another few weeks. If you need to trade use this week to consolidate your rookies and get some nice cash flow happening.  Unless you have a former bulldog who went to Sydney…


  • Agreed! (also first!)

  • hmmm. I have palmer and Foley…. I was dead set on trading both today to bring in Curnow and Pendlebury.

    But now I am doubting whether trading Palmer is a good thing. yes he has already been named in the bst 21 this week, but I believe each team has named a few “Sub Specialists’ that can come in and have a major impact off the bench.

    Both Krak and Palmer can do this, so I believe they could be the sub targets all year. Despite Palmer being named in the best 21 this week, he will definitely be a sub again throughout the season, which I cant handle, not in the midfield, where you want 100+ from guys like this.

    The last 2 weeks I have had foley, palmer and krak subbed out and it can mean the difference between competing for the car, or quickly fading out of contention.

    I’m not taking the risk of copping another Palmer sub, or Foley.

    • Yep, I think being sub and therefore coming on fresh can unfairly skew players perceived scoring potential.

      But I think there needs to be about 5 years worth of data and trends to analyse before we can come to a meaningful conclusion about subs actual scoring power.

      God I hope the sub rule doesn’t stay in for 4 more years!

    • My old man heard on tv/somewhere…

      That MM said Krakouer was only starting/getting subbed off because it has been years since he played at an AFL level.

      (AFL is a lot more demanding than WAFL)

      Therefore he hadn’t been fully match fit yet and was therefore subbing him on/off for first couple matches until he was at an AFL level again. I don’t think you’ll see him getting subbed on/off for much of the rest of the year.

      Next round maybe, but I doubt it.

      • @nails
        If krakouer is nailing 90’s and is being subbed cos his fitness isn’t of an AFL standard, imagine what he will produce when his fitness IS of AFL standard…. the next Dane Swan???? Definately a keeper.

    • Keep Palmer, Harvey has specifically said that he will not be subbed this week. Over the next few weeks guys coming back in like silvagni, Ibbotson, and further down the track Mzungu, Barlow etc will be the subs (most likely) to ween them back into AFL. Palmer @ 300k is a great investment. He’ll come to fruition for those patient enough not to pre maturely pull the trigger.

      My thoughts are he’ll have a triple figure average by seasons end.

      Fresh or not 53 in a quater of footy is a massive score. He prob would of realistically had 115 or so had he played a full game.

  • Great article, and agreed – Palmer with his tog is very impressive but if it is to continue (subbing) is just not good enough for a potential gun mid! Not good enough for the MONKEY PIG PIRATES anyway!!
    will give him 1 maybe 2 weeks …
    P.s – FRITzL’S ARMY is goin down rnd 15 sucka¡

  • Don’t hav Palmer not fussd bout him but not liking one of my cash cows being used as sub bait not a fan of this sub rule

  • I have Everitt sitting on the field, his mighty average of 47.5 slapping me in the face. But you know as soon as you trade him he will score an 80-90 next week.

    • thats what im thinking with foley. Gonna smash out a decent score

    • And TKOL is currently telling us how good he is on SEN radio.

      • Sidewards trade Montagna to Mitchell. Good joke TKOL.

        • is that what he does radio ??

        • you think he’s joking … i don’t !!

          he’s has to trade to avoid a donut in Round 4 and also Montagnas going to drop in price after this week so thereby keeping a few extra dollars in the kitty for himself …

          It’s a smart move actually …

    • I tink Everitt is a bit different though. He’s not playing a dt relevant role where as Krak and Palmer are. There’s no way I’m keeping Everitt when I can downgrade him to a rook that is prob going to score just as well if not better…

      • Which Rook? My backs are currently Gibbs, Grimes, Deledio, Goddard, Heppel, Lower, Everitt (jerk), Rawlings, Dugan & Toy.

        Hibberd is in my midfied, buckley & Pedersen are cut and could find it hard to return. Mckernan has another game to prove himself.

        Leaves Stanley and Coad from the GC but them i’ll have a bunch of GC players scoring 50s-70s meeting unachievable B/E at the same time.

        Have Foley. Palmer and Anthony and am hating DT right now.

  • Yep sub rule sucks old mans balls!!
    Should be a pub rule…¡. GO BEER

  • There isnt many players I wont put in my team because I simply dont like them. Palmer is an exception to this rule…he is the biggest wanker in WA.

    I should add that he is trying to score a contract at GWS. Players aiming for new contracts quite often have ripper seasons, so get him if u dont think he’s using his own bodily fluids to do his hair.

    • If Harvey thinks the same then it might become more frequent that he is used as a fourth quarter sub special all year, as why develop a player who is leaving the club?

      • True true…buuuut dont you think making the finals is higher on the priority list than purposely not devloping a player out of spite???

  • this is very true however it all depends on what you have palmer for ? if you have him as a potential kepper as your 6th mid than keep him he will come good.. if you have him as a cash cow than trade him as his two 50s will kill his price and you will be waitng a while for his price to rise enough to trade out apposed to curnow or libba quick dollars !!!

  • the other reason no one is calling Krak a spud is that his effect on your outcome is absolutely zero as 100% of teams have him! whilst Palmer is a bit more unique.

  • Midfield Swan(c), Pendles, Bartel, Boyd, Murphy and Libba 1000 pts right there

  • Can’t beleive my ears sitting here at work, Simon TKOL, is on SEN radio, pumping up his team, talking about doing a sideways trade to Mitchell, clearly he’s goal is to 1: win the car & 2: To be the most famous DT player!

    • how is he on SEN ? LOL.

      • Just rang up as a caller on the DT segment, said something like “my goal is only to win the car”, said his name and team name; almost fell off my chair!!

        • Now the little runt will be on here updating us on what a great day he’s had (sic). Sideways trading is a really good idea for people who have completely overlooked the impact of rounds 4-6. Doing so now will make people think that a part of your master plan was to sideways trade to cover those donuts (what donuts???!!!)…and its a ripper! Now your tracks will be covered and life will go on.

          • Is that how stupid you think I am?
            Dont you think maybe I new by starting with my side the way it is I could put myself in this strong position (108th) allowing me to side trade the next two weeks to remain strong and not slip like others around me?
            By rnd 7 when Swan & Pendles are out I can move in another guy into the mid and only strengthen again.

          • No need to be so defensive dude. Nice to see you taking a punt with Sam “the Man” Mitchell. I didn’t think you had it in you!

          • You’re so right.
            Chill out Simon? Whats the problem?
            Ahhh the dream, thats better!

          • Well thats why they gave us some extra trades and always been the way id intended to use the extra 4 this year….

          • TOOL I have read some of your Puss on here before but this takes the cake if you had set your team up you wouldn’t hav this sideways trade thing going on and looks like your Rookie selections were also quite poor at the start how many traded have you already burnt a few I reckon BTW if you had set it up as have I and alot of others you roll through the 3x weeks un touched and still have a solid ranking and a shot. In summary your an idiot and cone the end of the year an average team with no trades Good luck.

    • Whats his rational on dumping monty for mitchell is it purely to avoid the bye

      • monty gonna go down heaps in price. Will be able to buy him later on in season when he cheaper and after 1 of the byes. Also mitchell will rise in value for if he wants to downgrade him for cash to upgrade another player.

      • Can’t remember exactly, he said that he thought Monty’s numbers will drop without Hayes, he also has a trading plan for the three bye rounds, if anyone was on the website very early in the pre-season i remember him saying he had this strategy back then.

      • Good luck to him if so….Mitchell has a bye in round 6 ! Does he then trade Mitchell back to Monty??? Foolish if that’s what he is thinking.

      • Thought you’d never ask.

        Next week if my side remained unchanged would have Boyd Montanga & Libba on my bench.
        I dont want this to be the case as I feel its important to have emerg on the bench at this stage of the season.
        Now due to my good start to the season(107 overall) and the the fact that I have all the top rookie priced players already in my midfield(curnow harris & libba), I feel I have the chance to attack over the next few multi bye rounds with sidetrading, something i would never previously do.

        Now Montanga has started slow and has a bye next week so i consider him the weakest link between him boyd and libba.
        Secondly I feel with Hayes gone this season Joey will struggle with the tag and added pressure.
        Enter Mitchell, on fire with something to prove(loss of captaincy) and 416,000. Next two weeks I can see him pumping some monster scores along with making me $70K which Joey drops and matching Joey for the remainder of the season!
        You have to risk it to get the biscuit, so if all are selected this evening, welcome to the stable Sam the Man Mitchell!

        • Is this the strategy you’ve had up your sleeve since the pre-season?

          • Yep…and Atley and Irons WILL deliver!!!

          • Don’t know Scoundrel judging by your 2 last comments TKOL must have a fan, or that you and him are the same person ;)

          • Welcome to the clone club Mr Scoundral, i apparent am 5 or 6 people!
            Just because my Dream Team ability is that of 5 or 6 men!

          • Yes.
            looking at the fixture i had Monty & Boyd pumping out some Monsters rnds 1 2 & 3.
            Hasnt quite worked that way obviously.
            I was then going to trade one of them, and with Hayes going down then its an easy call!
            Nothing wrong with Irons or Atley for 1 week!

          • what i’ve been saying on this site and planning all along , nothing wrong with a sideways trade during the multi-bye rounds it’s smart business , as you agree TKOL it’s not rocket science ,

        • why start with 3 than ? why didn’t you start with someone other than monty..

        • hmmmmm wouldnt it be better to bring in someone who’s already had a bye or doesnt have one for a while rather than a bloke who will be sitting out round 6??????

        • You said you were 108th before and now 107?

          Improving your position on a Thursday arvo, are you TKOL?


        • lol ur ranked 108 yaya i’m beating TKOL

        • Part of the reason TKOL is trading is because too many premiums will be missing in round 4 and will fall behind everyone too much. With Gram, God, Monty, Boyd, Libba and Volt all out next week and needs to lessen the blow. And thats why he is bringing in The Man!

      • Read above!

      • He’s just trying to justify and rationalise his selection mistake.

    • you think he’s joking … i don’t !!

      he’s has to trade to avoid a donut in Round 4 and also Montagnas going to drop in price after this week so thereby keeping a few extra dollars in the kitty for himself …

      It’s a smart move actually …

  • Thoughts on

    selwood – pendlebury
    foley – libba
    would leave me with 145k in the bank to upgrade libba in a few weeks time?

    • Keep Selwood and just do the other trade. Libba may then become Pendlebury if you are patient !

    • sidways trading never works can almost guarantee u trade out selwood for pendles and selwood will out score him that is the way it works if you want pendels i would just get him after round 7 or a bad games, doesn’t look like he will play a bad game so round 7 i would say..

      • Thats what im thinking with pendles. Im thinking its a now or never type scenerio with pendles because i can see him averaging high and rising out of my reach. I still have some upgradeable rookies but if they are scoring well enough im not gonna want to trade them especially if some of them are my emergencies. Ill figure something out

        • I hear ya but there are good rookies this year that will get higher $$$ too. Use this round to grab any rookies you’ve missed or to drop any duds that didn’t fulfil their job

  • G’day Folks
    Sorry doesn’t relate to Krak or Mrs Palmer however any thoughts on the following trade possibilities?

    Not happy with J Kennedy & Obviously Foley on current terrible form. Would It be worth the gamble to trade both the the gold rooks in Curnow & Libb to make a worthy $353k and put towards a chappy after geelong bye or

    Trade a JK for a libba make $213k and keep Foley to potentially pick up Montags or Selwood if they drop in price after bye ( considering Foley is likely to drop to $220,000 after sunday and could get worse)

    Think it’s a big risk bringing in both rooks even though will make money down the track and spend 3 trades to secure Chappy or a solid gun down the track.


    • both rooks and chappy after bye u will only have the money sitting there for 4 weeks.. atm the rooks are scoring as well as the guns anyway..

      • Cheers JB – you don’t think 3 trades is too much tho for the premo- I’ll still have to trade again to pull in the big gun? Also currently have hibbard & I Smith on bench not getting a jumper so will only have Harris and either curnow or libba back me up

        • nah kennedy and foley are dead weight and you need to get them out always go for rookies early as good ones get rarer and rarer as the year goes on.. 3 trades is fine.. as the money curnow and libba will make is to good to miss out on.. leave hibberd and smith there as they should play soon only trade them out if ur guna cop a donught.. atleast they won’t cost you anything..

          • Re Foley, if my calculations are correct, if he averages 75 for the rest of the season (that may seem a little conservative but his best average was 85 back in 2009), he will not rise above $280k (he’s currently $235k). He may average more, but I can’t see it happening and that is little reward while Liba is scoring more than him and making heaps of cash for your opponents.

  • Has any one thought that Palmer has told fremantle that he is going to GWS and because of his honesty and fremantles top 4 portential, Harvey will continue to play him, either as sub or sub him off?

  • In the context of the opening line of this article, if I KNEW for certain BHP shares were going to go from $90/share to $150/share (ie libba/curnow) I would definitely trade out of a stagnant share unlikely to increase in value, or devalue (ie. Foley)…

    • It’s more than a game.. der ner ner…

    • curnow and libba arnt bhp shares…they are cheap little qantas shares, cheap as chips, may well go up in price but never to the level of a blue chip bhp share-a premium, they can waver up and down a little but still be worth keeping.

      that being said you still by the fast rising cheap share…just not sacrificing your blue chipper for it

  • I have a source who reckons the reason palmer was subbed last week was for disciplinary purposes. Not sure how solid this information is, but apparently palmer broke curfew the week before. Not sure the reason for lower being subbed off.

    • It also makes you wonder… a third year player who’s breaking the club rules… maybe he cares a little less if he knows its his last year at the club ;-)

  • I wonder what all sports radio station they listen to is Tassie?
    Probably just borrow each others all man video’s instead!

    • Wow, comedic gold right there.

      • Thanks Albert – not Lord (more gold ah?)

        • I prefer my Gold in the form of shares TKOL.

          Then after 6 or 7 weeks (or months) when they ripen I trade them out and watch the money roll in.

          • Care to share a few hot stock tips then Lloydy? TKL has had a very nice upswing this week!

  • Guys a bit of feedback. I have:

    Cameron Bruce
    Darren Jolly

    Should I stay strong and stick to my guns or try and upgrade them further? If I was to upgrad them it would be:

    Bruce > Gibbs
    Jolly > Cox

    I know im crazy for not having them already but I went with the tactic of not having Gibbs as Carlton’s bye is during the DT finals only to realise that it is now a year long mistake ive made.

    • yes do it !!!! you have missed out on not having gibbs and cox so get them now b4 there price sky rockets !!

      • Yeah do it, Jolly isn’t fitting the pies structure well and Gibb’s is a gun!

  • Off-topic, Michael Coad, Maverick Weller & Daniel Gorringe to debut for the Suns

  • Hopefully not Stanley, although some one commented that he hasn’t been on the track this week.

  • Hey guys this doesn’t relate to palmer or kraks but i am considering trading duffiled to enright and pittart to libba. Is duffield to enright too sideways? Advice would be appreciated and @Tkol your monty to mitchell trade isn’t a half bad idea i reckon.

    • The monty to mitchell trade isnt a bad idea.

      Having Monty & boyd is a stupid idea.

  • Hi guys,

    Off topic but…

    Out of these 4 players which 2 do you think I should play on the ground:

    Swallow, Harris, Curnow and Libba?

    Cheers in advance.

    • Liba is playing GC so hes a no brainer.
      Curnow is playing Collingwood so he will struggle.
      Unless you’ve stacked your midfield with premiums already, Harris should always be on the ground.
      So Liba and Harris.

  • should i trade Brennan out for Chapman?

    • Any deal where you can get Chappy in is a good deal IMO

    • Holy crapola, yes! Get rid of that super-spud Brennan! I was sucker for his two mammoth scores in R1 and R2 last season and made him my Roo replacement and I paid for it. He can’t win his own ball, floats around the park doing stuff all and is now playing for a team much weaker than the Lions. Chop!

  • A friend of mine (*cough me*) was stupid enough to get Foley, Morton and Everitt into their team…..any comments on the trade options below??

    Foley for Curnow/Libba & Morton for Dawes/ROK then Everitt for Enright next week
    Foley for Curnow/Libba & Everitt for Enright then Morton next week

    • delay the Dawes option – get another week to look at him, versus a semi decent team!

  • Steve Johnson or Paul Chapman?

  • can anyone suggest some advice to get rid of travis boak ?

    • I’d say get rid of him. Port are poo (not just because I’m a crows fan!) and with Casissi out he’ll get tagged. I’d suggest Murphy or Mitchell and Pendles if you can afford him obviously.

      • *or Pendles

      • LMAO – Casissi out means Boak will get tagged !!!
        Casissi has never been tagged in his life….
        Can’ t really see sides tagging anyone against Port – will just back their mids in against a Pors side short on class.
        If anyone was to get a tag it would be Boak, but that has nothing to do with the fact Casissi is injured. Cassisi injury and Boak getting tagged are mutually exclusive…

      • i say back him in…. im a crows fan to and i hate boak, but i got him in as well as a unique premium & as much as i wanna get rid of him, the price becomes irrelevant because u choose him as a premium, so back ur judgement and keep him! even with casissi in the side, boak cops the tag every week anyways.
        i reckon he’ll come good man, i say dont pull the trigger on him just yet, even tho he didn’t get a ton last week, he still was top scorer for port last week.

  • In other news, Franklin V Reiwoldt dream team points $1.87 sportingbet, get on board the Buddy train!!!!! express to easywin station!!!

  • Monty’s last 3 scores when Lenny Hayes has not played:

    2009: 89 & 106
    2010: 139

    avg: 111.3

    I didn’t go back further because his overall average was a lot less in 2008.

    I don’t see him losing points because Hayes is out. Nicky Dal gets the number 1 tag, number 2 tag doesn’t matter all that much.

    • yeah i think his price may drop with saints not being as good this year though… monty should always be a upgrade target as his price goes up and down like a yoyo..

      • He’s not consistant. That’s why I went Boyd and Selwood, hasn’t worked great so far but I’m sure Selwood will bounce back and smash out a 130!

  • The Gys is back! Hope he goes well

  • Liam Anthony worth hanging onto?

    Thumbs up to trade ( to O’Keef)

    Thumbs down to keep

  • picked up maverick wellar on the risk he wouldnt play but he is a talking machine and i can see him diong well so will be good to see him early. B Martin will tear for the crows too I think kicked s few nice goals for sturt.

  • Some advice please peeps…

    This is my midfield atm (SC):

    Swan, Boyd, Dal Santo, Hocking, Foley, Libba, Curnow, D Swallow, Harris.

    Obviousy Swan, Boyd and Dal Santo are in. Whho should I use to fill the rest of the positions?

    • Libba has to be in

      • Not if he is the sub he doesnt

        • how do we know who is be the sub? ( or when do we know)

          like Curnow is on the interchange as the 4th ; does that mean he will be the sub

          • No there have been subs that have even been named on the field… They are named with the final teams 90 mins prior to each game so we will only have a chance to check out curnow before lockout… Im too worried about libba being the sub and can see alot of people getting burnt this round

  • You would think that after making Murphy my captain last week and it costing me 2 league wins that I would have the big C forever on Swan till death do us part… but no. The lure of Boyd running around like a man posessed against a bunch of schoolboys this week is more than I can bear to pass up. I’ll probably be kicking myself after the weekend AGAIN but you’ve got to go with your gut hey.