Friday Captains

What’s the best way to stuff your weekend right up?  Well if you’re having a party I wouldn’t suggest an open invite on Facebook…but I digress, the real way to stuff your weekend right up is to choose a Friday night captain.

Don’t worry about who Calvin predicts, resist the urge! Your mental state will thank you.

After a long week at the grindstone all I want to do is get home, crack open a Boags and watch some footy. After that I want to enjoy a nice workless two days on the couch. This is what weekends are for, they are happy times, carefree times. Unless of course you pick a Friday night captain. When (not if) It goes tits up and your captain scores a 55 your weekend is instantly ruined.  Each time you look at your team for the rest of the weekend you see that pissant score sitting next to the big c and it brings you down. ..way down.  You can’t help but think what if….? How good would my score be if…..? By Saturday morning you will have already received 15 texts from league mates mocking your choice and then you have to watch the Saturday games through the cracks between your fingers while your mate’s captains rack up the double points. Swan is everywhere when you don’t have him.

Potential is the key word here. When you are doing your sums late on a Saturday night wondering if you are going to win your match it always works out much better if you have a captain waiting to play… so that’s ummm 300pts there from the captain, plus 7 players left that’s another 700, I’ve got this, easy! It makes the weekend worth living.  Nothing beats coming home with the big rush on Sunday… the Sunday captain. Normally your opponent will have been sprouting about how much they are killing you by so it makes it all the more sweet.

I don’t really care as much if my captain scrapes a 60 on a Sunday night. The weekend is already over, I’m already depressed enough about going to work on Monday so it’s just another drop in that ocean of misery. Plus who can even get onto the AFL DT site on a Sunday evening anyway? It’s harder than getting into the viper room or china whites. I reckon a mouse on a wheel is running the server Sunday nights. Also being a fox game it’s just hidden away, bad things can happen in the Sunday eve game and I’ll let it slide because it’s not really there for me to see in gory detail.

So that’s the big stat for the day, Sunday captains are the recipe for a happy weekend.


  • i cant take credit for this article, i just posted it. warnie will give a name to the author this arvo. this week though, i have faith in the mighty swannnnnniiiieeeeeeeee!

    • good article, i think ill be sticking with swanny though this week haha, but boyd is an option

  • Good write up. Theory is 110% true unless swanny plays friday night however…

  • SwanCaptain.COM all the way

  • Great article.. i think we have all been there. My first 2 round captains square off on friday night Gibbs and Swannie… but think i will lock the big C on swannie for the rest of the year.

    BTW… how long until ths thread turns into … should i get a Libba or Curnow topic?

    I reckon before the comments gets into the 20s.

  • swannie will have us in dt bliss the next two weekends.. How about rounds 5 and 6? Footys on 9 out of 11 days across those rounds!!!! Very short lockout inbetween

  • I wonder when the article about how I am actually a fair dinkum Dream Team Master who talked it up and actually won the Toyota & all ca$h leagues too will come out?

    • probably at the conclusion of round 24 tkol

    • You’re going well. js for your rook mids is annoyingly going ok.

    • I think there should be an article on me and my team. My 12 week/24 trade philosophy will revolutionise Dream Team play. It will be the Pagans Paddock, Clarkson’s Cluster and Vossey’s Fuckup of fantasy football!

      By mid season I will have a team made up of the cream of the DT crop – Darren Glass, Jamie Charman, Daniel Merrett, Sam Lonergan and Matty Scarlett, just to name a few (not going to give away ALL my secrets, I have a car to win!).

    • I just checked the top 50 for this yearso far and it seems they left you out of the list? Ahead of them all is the only thing I can guess…

  • Swannie captain Friday and next week!!!

    Will smash out a 180+ against Richmond in round 4.

  • anyone read the dr. dt article for round 2 on its pretty much just him talking about how good his team is doing after only 2 rounds. wouldnt be surprised if tkol wrote it actually.

    • lol!

    • Yeah I read it, hes talking up his scores of low-mid 2100.

      • he also seems to have a distinct advantage over us mere mortals, given that he reckons he has 7 emergencies

    • haha, yeah I just read that. He’s such a cock! I don’t care if he had 24 Swans in his team, he’s supposed to be a source of information – but it was useless drivel – and not a self-proclaimed celebrity. COCK!

      • i wish had kept Stanger and the Mayor … way better than this Dr DT crud …

        • Loved “Stanger and the Mayor” – looked forward to reading monday mornings – thought I must have been the only one as it seems to have got the chop this year

    • Dr Dream team is in one of my league’s it’s my first year and ive beat him both rounds. No1 at work will talk to me now. I think they underestimated me when they were giving me advice now they trying to feed me rubbish advice to cut me down. Little do they know ive developed the DT bug and this has been my 2nd home.
      505 overall and not looking forward to rounds 4 5 6 and 7.

    • +1

  • Was pretty horrible to see Swan rack up that monster score after Goddard gamble didn’t pay off :( don’t have Swan, but Pendlebury/Boyd/Gibbs (hell even Rioli!) would have been better :S

  • I know this is way off topic, but can anyone tell me if i can watch full match replays online anywhere? Being in Perth and not having foxtel doesnt make it easy to watch Melbourne games when the Eagles or Dockers get priority. Had a quick look at AFL website but could only find highlights.

    • Have a look at under video afl you can usually find replays of all the games

      • by the way if you are a bigpond user doesn’t count towards download usage!

  • No risk No reward

    A. Monty to Gibbs so I can have 65k in the bank for an upgrade of Harris/Heppell to Swan after thier first bye at least.

    B. Or Swallow to Gibbs direct swap and 9k in the bank

    C. Or do I try and double swap someone to get Swan. Cant do a Gibbs and Swan upgrade unless I get rid of GOD.

    Why couldn’t the two teams come in at the same time…………..

  • Fuck U goddard

    from now on i’m gonna put Swan captain and never look at it again!!!

    until the collingwood bye that is

  • Been playing Dream Team now for a number of years, always read Calvins Captains and I normally go by that. I had Goddard as Captain last round and that sucked. I never put Swan in my Team as he cost to much money, but this week I will be tradeing out A Swallow (Kankas) to D Harris then R Palmer to D Swan.

  • D Swan as Captain nearly every week now.

  • Trade : Goddard for Enright before God drops massively in price and Enright increases with money in the bank for bye when there is multiple teams not playing …

  • Also the Saints have the bye round 4 , so make some money with the trade and God isn’t playing round 4 aswell …

  • Friday captains can make your weekend…but they can destory it (Thanks Goddud!)

  • At least Pendlebury is tearing it up as well though. Didnt get Swan cause I thought Pendles would improve more, but so far it looks like they both improved. Never picking Goddard captain again though. Every time I’ve picked him as my captain (3 times now) he has a shitty week.

    • I think the fatiuge factor has kicked in, some stars will have big first halfs then finish poorly just like Goodes and Reiwoldt(double/triple teamed at times) in round one.

      About swan and pendles, i honestly see them as must haves, who ever doesn’t have both already should get them after collingwood’s first bye.

  • “Don’t worry about who Calvin predicts, resist the urge! Your mental state will thank you.”
    I find that so true, poeple can’t expect calvin to do your captain selections for you.
    I’ve taken a risk the last two weeks by not following “the crowd” as i like to say by going with murphy 127,129 even though it is not as what gibbs and swan scored i’m happy.

  • Very true Samsa , trust your instint people ! I’ve gone with Gibbs the first 2 rounds and have absolutely no complaints ;-)

  • Boyd vs Gold Coast is an option for those like me who hate the friday night captain this week

  • i agree completely , i think Boyd will tear GC apart !

    • How ’bout Libba? They might bench Boyd if the Dogs are a mile in front.

  • Never mind trying to get onto DT site on Sunday evening – I got home from work Fri, had half an hour till lock out, thought I’d change my emergencies. Clicked on E, all went blank – I then spent half an hour trying to get on the site again while watching the lockout time get closer. Finally got on 10 mins after lock out and found I had 2 fwd emergencies and no mid – won’t be going on Fri night again!!