DT TALK All-Stars League: Round 1

The league that we’re in to follow this year is one we created to get some Dream Team All-Stars together from around the traps to compete for the ultimate DT battle.

Round 1 Results

The DT TALK Boys; Roy (destROY), Warnie (Warne Dawgs) and Calvin (Calvinator) are joined by their masked mate Chopper (I’m Not Happy), rookie expert Chook (Merv Gray Autos) and new blogger tbetta (Tbetta Than You) to represent the DT TALK stable. They take on m0nty (FanFooty EDT) and Molly (CoachesBox Podcast) from the Coaches Box Podcast who know their stuff. Champion Data is represented by the Fantasy Freako who has helped us all with our teams this year by providing the preseason stats we needed! Alex from Alex’s Sweet Dream Team will show us why he has a f*cking sweet team… but judging by round one, he has a bit of work to do! They call Caroline Wilson football’s first lady, well Amanda (Team FLOSSY) is Dream Team’s first lady. She is representing the chicks. Daniel Harford (HARF SERIOUS) does a Dream Team segment with Luffy from Champion Data on Thursday’s on SEN. Nick Maxwell (Stjoeysonslaught) is the face of Dream Team this year, so we added him to the league to see how he would go. Our Tassie mate Nathan Grima (Snake on jelly) was keen to take us on after we spoke to him in the second pre-season episode this year. Adelaide’s rookie Brodie Smith (Pure bs) is a DT TALK fan, so we got him on board too!

And of course, Dr Dream Team the so called PhD AFL joined to take us on as his main league. There has been plenty of sledging over the preseason… and the Doc has fired the first barb after the season started when he beat Warnie! There was even a dig at this league in his latest article, talking himself up a fair bit. He can talk the talk, and at the moment he is walking the walk! Let’s see how this battle pans out!

Below is the ladder after Round 1, based on overall points.


  • mmmmm, a few decent scores but plenty of improvement to come one hopes!! whats the overall league ranking??

  • Allright scores but the Dream-Stats league seems to have a close comp going on. Im First to with my 2189 :P

  • bahaha he described you as a “self-proclaimed expert”.

    wow, the Doc is ripping in ;-)

    it’s ok, you can have your revenge on him in the finals Warnie

  • For the record… there was nothing about this league that was set up to be world beaters. Just wanted a few notable people to follow! Hope it’s entertaining!!

  • Haha – thats awesome. One of the boys at my footy club must have invited Maxwell into our league (or he ended up in there by chance) and I beat him!

    I was wondering all weekend who Stjoeysonslaught was, I thought one of the boys was taking the piss and calling themselves Nick Maxwell :)

    • You Moron do u really think Maxwell takes it seriously at all. He most probably gets paid to have a team and spent 10 minutes putting it togethor (proved by his score). Sounds like u would be proud if you beat your cats DT score. Congratulations

      • He loves it! Follows us on Twitter!

        • lol, as if you wouldn’t follow dream team to a degree if you played at that elite level… besides, his score wasn’t that horrible if you presume he just had an off week. Like, if he had fielded selwood and foley, then it really isn’t terrible.

      • Hahaha you really are The Man aren’t you!!

  • Good idea lads…it will be good to keep an eye on. Brodie, I found a spot for you in my team ace…good luck for the season!

  • Fast becoming the badest MF in the DT world I’ll be the most famous hated champion when i win it all this year!

    • T – the K – king O – of L – loudmouths

    • on the tkol bandwagon :)

      • F*%K the bandwagon

        I’m on the TKOL Train and we are Stopping All Stations

        • If you morons didn’t comment on all his stirring he would be nothing. It is probably the highlight of his sad little life that he is “Notorious” on Dt Talk!!! HAHAHAHA.

    • The greatest trick TKOL ever pulled was convicing the rest of the DT world that we give a shit about his crappy team.

    • Bandwagon, after 1 round? Pfft! Maybe swap the k in “tkol” with an o and thats what we got here.

      • F*** up shane o – you are a peanut… What did your bunch of goats come up with this week ???
        Have you actually ever played football ???

    • Can’t be an all star league if TKOL isn’t in !!!!
      We all know he is the ducks nutz and the grand poobah of DT….

      • And just think we are going to be blessed with many more cameo comments from the most beloved DT’er the one and only tkol- if he’d played real AFL footy he would have been Wayne Carey, if he was a rock ‘n’ roll star he would have been Elvis, if he were in a deck of cards he would be a…. you get the picture.

      • Hey FEB, I’ve got a cash league with a few spots to fill. One of them can be yours if you sling $50 my way…

    • Tkol you are a bit of a doosh but i have to say you make thing pretty damn entertaining. I may regret this but keep it up mate!

    • Pfft.. TKOL, Even my missus is beating you already. That’s right. You’re getting done by a woman (admittedly I helped her and she’s beating me too :) )

      First round when I was frantically trading up to the last minute of lockout, she was cool as, and knocked up 2211 1st Rnd.

      You’re days are numbered…..

      • Ahh well at some stayed she has to miagrate south for the winter.
        Good luck to you then capitano!

        • *stage.

          Funny i was going to correct you on you’re (*your)

          • If you’re going for the car, how are you going to cover Gram, Goddard, Montagna, Boyd, Libba and Reiwoldt in rd 4?

          • With no offence oh great one but half my team had shockers and I still finished on 2076. Looking at your overall standing after round 1 , its the equivelent to Brizzy or Richmond talking up winning the flag! Yes you are by far the most entertaining dude on here and I’m all for confidence, even arrogance… but this is the week to crawl into a hole bud. Post a few scores of 2150+ and you’ll make a believer of me.

        • TKOL, if we’re in the mood for correcting, then I retort by correcting your ‘stayed’ (assuming you meant ‘stage’.

          Also, when the need to migrate arises, we will be going north (far north of you).

          We’ve seen your team, and as most of us will have similarities, we have a few ‘aces’ up our sleeves (unique DT sluts you have overlooked). So we say ‘Bring It Biatch’ you’ve shown you cards so we know what to expect. :D

  • I got 2137, 3rd :D.

    And the Warnie DT Talk league is 43rd

  • Doing it for the girls!

  • Not a bad start guys, would have had 6th on Points this week with you guys. Good to see Team Flossy, was hoping to be in a league with Amanda this year again but wasn’t to be, she was very good competition and will certainly be there come finals time.

  • Will follow it with interest. :)

  • So did Brodie pick himself?

  • good league guys, but everyone’s obviously building after round 1. I on the other hand have started solidly with 2139, preety happy with that!

  • I believe I have the highest ranked side on DT Talk with number 26 and 2279 this round. Anyone care to challenge that claim?

  • my life officially ended on thursday night.

    I had gibbs as vc all set with no captain picked. Come game time i was at cricket training listening to the radio, cheering with joy. But then i got home…

    I had a look at dream team and found foley set as captain…. I passed out.

    I then realised a facebook comment on my wall saying, Foley you gun from a mate.

    I then remembered the time at lunch when i had my team up at school. lets just say the moral of the story is, dont leave your dt on at school.

    i finished with 2027 but couldve got an additional 246 points if i had gibbs double points. FML!!

  • DT Talk W.A ranked 95.
    Not bad boys.
    What about the other State Leagues?

  • Getting on Alex’s sweet team, a true Cinderella story in the making I feel…

  • Will watch with interest!
    Good luck guys!

  • Would be first with me 2212

  • Not quite state, but if anyone’s interested;

    DT Talk Tigers is ranked 249
    DT Talk Cousins is ranked 393

    Pieman’s league is ranked 179, even after one hack scored 1,396
    TKOL Challenge is ranked 20th.

  • DTTALK Power is ranked 195
    DTTALK destROY is ranked 122

  • how do i get you warney into my dreamteam ?


    Accounting for the inclusion of Gold Coast, who will you play on the field?, who will be you emergencies? Will you go with 1st round proven rooks like Tapscott, Curnow, Bewick, Duigan, Lower & Richardson over the likes of Swallow, Harris, Matera, Stanley & Coad?

    Let the games begin…..

    • I’m gonna start Stanley for Otten. Harris for Heppell and Curnow for Bewick. If all named of course. I think Curnow deserves a shot vs gold coast! Unlucky Bewick. I think I will keep Matera on the bench this week, just to see how he goes, good preseason but we all know that doesnt always mean a hell of a lot. Petrie on ground this week so that leaves one spot for a rookie! Tapscott Darling Matera Richardson all fighting for it :P

      • Many dilemma’s I’m facing at the moment…

        In the Backs – Stanley v Coad v Duigan (fighting for one on-field spot)

        In the Mids – Krakour (possible sub) v Harris v Swallow v Heppell v Bewick (fighting for one on-field spot)

        In the ruck – Petrie (against the Pies & Jolly) v Vickery (vs Saints with no real hard ruck)

        In the Fwd’s – Tapscott v Darling v Matera v Richardson (fighting for two spots on the ground – wary of their respective opposition).

        Massive decisions to be made…….

  • I love that shooter williamson has a team in there. He clearly knows fuck all and cares even less than that.

    • Nah, wait a couple more rounds. At least till round 2 anyways. What was wrong with Conca’s score? Surely you might have an underperforming mid-pricer to target?

  • Is it worth swapping Conca for Curnow at this stage?

    • Nah, wait a couple more rounds. At least till round 2 anyways. What was wrong with Conca’s score? Surely you might have an underperforming mid-pricer to target?

      • yeah agree if foley has another stinker “fingers crossed he doesn’t” and curnow has another blinder will definately be making that trade..

    • no !!!! why would u do that ?? after next week IF curnow scores another ton and conca scores another 60.. but never trade untill a rook has played 2 good games every chance conca could blitz it this week and curnow do shit.. but do belive in trading early to get the best rooks ie. anyone who overlooked barlow last year.. at this stage there is really only 5 to look at curnow, tarrant, pederson, mckernan and tapscott.. oh and lower but if u didn’t have him u don’t know ur shit.. beauty is gc, crows and roos rooks dont go up till round 4..

  • buyer beware !!!! all these guys mentioned above are very delicious cupcakes atm but bar tapscott “fairly sure he will play all year” could turn sour very quickly due to them all fighting for spots.. curnow – Mclean and ellard to come back in one bad game could see him out and not come back.. mckernan – playing same role as tippet interesting to see how they will both fit.. Tarrant playing chf same spot that grima plays.. and pederson i reakon his score is a one off due to playing ruck with no opponent..

    • Well said!
      The scariest thing for me is rookies like Lower, Curnow, Krakouer, Tapscott, Irons, Richardson etc……..start as subs.
      Even tho they are popular to many teams, its still scary shit coz of player value$.
      COACH OF THE WEEK: M.PRMUS- thank you for letting us know who the sub was, and more importantly NOT BULLSHITTING!!!!

      • Agreed. Liked McKernan in the NAB but thought he might be squeezed out, so avoided. Heard similar things about the other players you mentioned. Maybe Irons because Port need to blood rookies. They are in for a long year IMO.

        True that Eeepo about Primus, refreshing to hear facts and not spin.

  • If you let Dr DreamTeam win I may have to change DT sites :o

  • DT Talk Leftovers league started stronger than expected… 58th overall.

    Featuring such teams as ‘Jokers’ ‘The Colonel’s Choice’… and ‘Cabs Are Heaaa’ coached by yours truly.

    Now we have to hunt down the old TKOL challenge bastards and get inside the top 20! :P

    • As a member of the tkol challenge league I shall speak on behalf of our league in saying BRING IT ON!!! We are just getting out of 1st gear and warming up- you guys have peaked and already ran outta gears….our team oath is to be the number 1 ranked league in DT, whats yours?? Top 1000…

      • well I’d say we’d like to finish in the top 20 leagues for sure. personally i finished 1100th last year, so looking to crack the top 500 by seasons end – if not higher! i was ranked about 20000th after round 1 in 2010 and 5977th this year so i’ve got a fair head start from what i had.. plus im a lot more confident in my current team structure.

        may the best league win!

  • Can’t believe anyone in their right mind would be thinking of trading anyone bar injury. Christ it’s rnd 1 rooks need 3 weeks and anyone can have a bad game. People picked a team for a reason, gets some balls and go with it

  • With all the hype and pressure TKOL puts upon himself he always seems to back it up. Your the baddest MF in the DT world and I will enjoy watching you climb to unprecedented heights this season. Your my DT idol!

  • Notice that tkol is mouthing off as usual. Also notice that he hasn’t disclosed his score this week (that I have seen).
    Can someone who is in a league of his confirm his score?

  • Happy to say the private league I set up as “DT Talk Masters” is currently ranked 28th. Every coach bar one scored over 2000. Damian let us down with 1874.
    He is under strict instructions to get his game on track.

  • Hi guys, firts time poster here but have been tuning in daily all pre-season.
    I must admit to having more of an interest in SC but just saw my Dream Team score of 2117 and our league is ranked 4th overall so I may have to put a little more time into my DT team from now on.

    Love the site guys, great job and keep up the good work.

    • Note to the above that I misread our league ranking.
      I am ranked 4th in my league and our league is not ranked 4th overall.

      Now…what can I do to upgrade Yarran to Rioli !!!

      • maybe wait as he plays gold coast this week…..

        Can someone tell me why Brad Sewell was subbed?

        • I’m a Hawks man and I believe that Sewell may have had some minor soreness in his ankle and he was only subbed off as a precaution. He was killing them before being subbed !

          • changed the game for sure, I can’t believe no one is talkin about it, was a massive come from behind victory for the crows.

  • Great league to follow, only one thing Don’t let Dr. Dream Team win!

    Daniel Harford has a 2nd team called the ChickenRollCombo, the team was picked in a draft with others from SEN radio or something like that

    I cheering for Tbetta because i’m in his DT Talk Regulars league

  • Interesting to see what Petrie can pull out this week as all the DT Talk boys have him. Nice midfield Roy, really gunning it up in there, I bet Warnie was filthy with his fwd line with Voldt being top scorer.

    Warnie do you think Toy will be the sub for gold coast? lol

  • hi guys im new, any suggestion on swallow or harris from gc + petrie or vickery and yarran ,darling or tippet from gc dont know anything about tippet thxs

  • I did a 2111 and won my league. As a DT rookie I’m happy.