It’s on like Donkey Kong: Round 1 Discussion


  • Looking forward to The King of (L)Kock talking about his failure this year.



    • TKOL appears to have the top score for the league this week, not a bad start for him.

      For me; after having Astbury, Bruce… and Boyd as captain (ouch!)… I still managed to pull 2107.

      I’ll take that, hell of a lot better than it was looking last night.

      • I was set to get highest score in tkol league but harvey failed and I fell 30 points shorts

  • 2216

    As Charlie Sheen would say – Winning

  • Gibbs loophole still best captain choice

  • cracks the 2000 thank god, promising sice 3/4 of my team underperformed

  • Pulled 2050 which includes selwood… pretty happy as started with 230k in the bank

  • Team Punishment 2169

    yer baby :)

  • 2150 After the dust has settled to give me my best start to a season :)


    – Jolly and Boyd going quiet. Knew I should have copied my supercoach team and had Ryder!
    – Astbury was a speculative pick and hindsight hurts a little there, but no damage done.
    – Broughton and Delidio could have done better

    Happy with Rioli and Swallow. Can only see improvement from here :)

  • 2118, pretty rapt with that for a round 1 score

  • I cant decide who to pick for round two from swallow, harris and foley?

    the rest of my mids are made up of: Boyd, Bartel, O’Keefe, Sylvia and S Burgoyne.