What if?

One day left and I’m jumping at shadows….’what if’ is the big word running through my mind. What if my midpricer doesn’t break out? What if my star gets injured? What if I pass on the sheep pick and he stars and I miss out? Do I have the balls to pick unique?

I was doing brilliantly….no tweaking for another two whole days. Just like clock work they came…like they do every year….the inevitable injury calls. I let them pass me by like I was a slalom skier swerving the gates. Harris back…meh, Hibberd thigh meh, is that the best you’ve got? You’ll have to do better than that to make me log on.  Otten the perfect sub….hmmm there was a twinkling there but I stayed strong. In this advanced state of impenetrableness I am invincible….. My faith in my picks in unshakeable!

What’s the AFL website got for me… Luke Hodge says Kyle Cheney has been ‘Brilliant’ this pre season. Brilliant ay…… hmm Hodgey couldn’t even balance on the beam in Rexonas greatest athlete, can I trust his judgement here? He does know football……What did the freako say about Cheney? Crikey, he scored nearly 70 each game and he’s only $160odd. Wonder if I could squeeze him in? Before I knew it I’d logged on and the tinker continued. It was as easy as that, I didn’t even realise I’d done it.

More worryingly during the tinker I squeezed Harris out to raise funds for Cheney,

After doing a few sums I came to my senses. What are you doing Adz? Just relax …go back to what you had, don’t panic. It was as easy as that, I had squeezed out a lock all in aid of something I read I the paper….there hadn’t even been another game to sway my opinion. Just a few words! What if I had done that close to lock out… got frozen off the server and were stuck??? Like when you’re a kid and mum would say don’t make faces or the wind will change and you’ll stay like that.

That’s it, I’m not logging on again… this time it’s for real.