Passing on the knowledge

"Passing on the knowledge" by adzman

There aren’t many things in life that are better than playing Dream team. Although its fun playing solo, it is way better playing in a league. The highs are much higher and the lows are heaps lower. We have all experienced the text bombardment after you’ve stuffed up a trade or chose the wrong captain; it’s relentless! It makes the bad score feel even worse. Obviously the gloat after a good week makes it all feel better again. So the league game supercharges dream team and makes it even more awesome.

We all play to win, but even the most competitive of beasts will find it hard to gloat after beating a Ghost ship. What’s a Ghost ship you ask? It’s a team that the coach put in before round one then forgot about and never touched again. They float through the season doing nothing but stink up your league. Occasionally this guy’s team will freakishly beat somebody early on but it’s not a common occurrence.

So for the funnest league play possible you want a competitive league, no Ghost ships, also no players who pick the best players in the AFL thinking that they automatically make great DTer’s. (Presti anyone?) This is the guy who will freakishly lose to the ghost ship. So all this begs the question, how do you introduce fresh DT blood into your league and have them play good enough to make it fun but not good enough to beat you?

It’s called ‘Selective information release’ or SIR. Just like in the backyard when you were a kid… if you wanted your little brother to play cricket with you you don’t just get the bat and tonk him for six after six after six, he would crack it and never play again. You have to milk it a bit…let him beat the edge, put a catch just out of his reach; give him just enough hope that he might get a bat! You will get much more backyard cricket this way. Likewise you need to drip feed information to your amateur league mate in much the same way. If you smash them every year they won’t want to come back so you want to get them playing at just high enough of a level to make the league fun but not enough that you will lose. Ideally you want them playing well enough that they are confident in gloating and pre season and bantering, even more awesomeness there!

So how do you do it?

Most Amateurs will pick a bench full of pricey players wasting loads of cash; I’m not scared to tell them about the cash cow philosophy, I’ll give them the ones everyone has, just not the Smokey ones. Most will also pick half a team of players from the team they follow. Again I’m not scared to tell them to cut it to 3, max. So once they know how a cash cow works and the structure of how a team should look you need to get selective. I like to suggest players that will give them a great point’s ride but will inevitably get injured, a sample of the highs and the lows of DT.

Our leagues last two Padawan learners have just turned Jedi. The addiction is there but not quite to the extent of making trades while on the toilet..…it’ll come. They were beating me for large periods of last season which meant I had to let them go off into the big wide world of DT alone this year. Even though I felt like a parent dropping his kid of at school for the first time, I did not hesitate in pulling down the shutters this season and giving away nothing, I mean, there is a league win at stake! Obi Wan was stupid enough to teach Anakin everything, that’s why he’s now but a hologram in the sky. If I do get beat there will be a small piece of me that bristles with pride but that will be gone as soon as the gloating arrives. At least I feel safe in the knowledge that they won’t turn to the dark side……….. ’Supercoach’.


  • Great article. Especially agree with the first line haha

    • Anyone over in the UK who wants a DT experience of people in the same timezone I’ve set up a league. Code: 484250.

  • Footy is like hot chips – I get to binge on the weekend. DT is like soaking it in gravy.

  • I let my apprentice off into the wild and he came back to bite me in the ass. He goes by the name “The Poms.” The boy had never even watched a game of AFL. 3 years on and he gains entry to the big league. We face off in the last round and he constrains me to 9th preventing me from getting enough percentage. He was warned to throw the game, and he didnt. The apprentice disobeyed his master, and I must out on a finals series. I will get my revenge!!!

  • I introduced a mate into DT last year. He was like C3PO… worrying, anxious, and undecided about what players to put in. fussing about and biting his nails. He asked me all the way through the season wihich trades he should make. I helped him all year. We played each other for a spot in the GF and I just won. He was saying I fluked it and I was lucky!! This year he is so keen for DT and has been asking me what players he should put in and my lips are sealed.

    • you played the perfect game with him!…….he will be cocky all pre seaon now and you can knock him down a peg or two!

      • Yeah I hope so! It will be interesting to see what team he puts in. I reckon he will put in the same team as last year, unless he gets someone else who will decide his team for him!

      • By the way adzman, a well wtitten article incorporating Star Wars! Cheers mate!

  • I introduced my wife to DT.. she noticed me spending over an hour a day researching and got jealous that i was onto something good.

    I created her team for her. from the Cheat Sheet. That way she “chose” from the list of players you gave and should score consistently over 1800.. enough to get me worried when i got a donut

  • a.swallow and jolly or jack and sandi?

    • sandi and jack seeing that roos hav a bye in round 2 but i think swallow will score well this year

  • Great article,

    Introducting my daughter and best mate to DT this year. They are both mad keen Richmond supporters and me being a Magpie well DT is just gonna make life even more enjoyable!!!! lol
    My last league is with them in it but dont have too many mates who play…..all entered will play out the season seriously so if you are a league short now we have 5 or in a public that your not sure they will be serious all year then please feel free to join league # 807321……
    Just be sure you dont mind some friendly banter in the coaches box!!!!

  • Brilliant read.. what a way to start the morning!!

  • Little off topic, but there’s going to be no ffgenie this year is there?
    Personally I loved the genie and found it amazingly helpful and very easy to use.

    • There will be the FFGenie. Grimlock is getting it happening. (See thread on BigFooty).

      • Ohh ok
        Cheers Warne Dawg

      • any idea when it will be up?

        • Usually up in Round 3.

          • Heads up … (on topic of passing on the knowledge)

            FFGenie 2011.1 available from this afternoon. You can access the starting price file to do filters, sorting searching etc to find that elusive last player you need as the cherry on top of your cupcake. You can also load in your current team using the dreamteam website login.

            All hail grimlock !!

  • I would have thought DT was the dark side seeing how it is endorsed by AFL and blocks live sc scoring and advertises so heavily in game. SC > DT

    • no.

    • What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Oh god
    Last night I dreamt that Sandi was subbed for kepler bradley with a score of 18…

    Not an omen I hope!

  • Don’t know if this question has been asked yet, but what is the go with the partial lockout and trades?

    Obviously we are all in a similar position where we have picked rooks who may not get a game rd1, but if we don’t find out until Friday morning whether or not they got named will it cost a trade to change them or will it still be unlimited up to the Friday lockout?

    • Usual situation is players from Blues/Tigers game become locked after they have played (so can’t trade them in or out).
      As for the rest of the players, you have unlimited trades until the 2nd lockout on Friday night.

  • would be be able to put up a live chat on the home screen so we can chat about dt issues before lockout?

  • Student: Liam Anthony or Andrew Swallow.
    Teacher: er……….

  • Excuse my ignorance but what is the go with the league game in round 1??

    When Thursdays night game starts will the system randomly match us against an opponent so we can see who we are playing?

    Or at the completion will it just say if we won or loss?

  • what are people’s thoughts of curnow from carlton?

  • jack sandi and coad, or a swallow, jolly and otten

  • Speaking of passing knowedge on, has anyone else heard about Daniel Harris’ back?? Reading the article about the suns over at fanfooty and this is what i see.

    “The late news of injuries to Daniel Harris (SPF 95) and Sam Iles (SPF 50) puts the spanner in the works here.” …….. “we don’t know what’s going on with Harris’ back, but in the absence of any concrete bad news I think the upside is great enough to hold the line.”

    Now this is just me but this is screaming Robbie Gray last year with a back problem. Can anyone shed and light on the situation??

    • i hope this is a classic lock out week rumour to scare people off!

      • So do I, as i said read it off fanfooty and could be the reason he scored so low in the last NAB (16)

  • and will chappy play round 1 ?
    “coach wont rule him out” but that doesnt sound very certain?

  • I’m probably no different to everyone else here in so far as I am “Dream Team Tragic”. I’m in a couple of very competitive leagues and a fair amount of money changes hands with the taste of success. I NEVER give any information that would compromise any edge or advantage I have or think I have – a golden rule! My league mates are the same and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will probably never know if any of them follow events here on DT Talk because I will never discuss this site with anyone. All it takes is for one or two in the league to not know about us and I have an edge. Sad – isn’t it!!

  • Apologies if this is not the right place to post this, but I’ve been busy as hell recently and have no idea what to do about fixing my team… Going to be busy up until Friday (which makes Thursday’s opening a bit of a :S moment) so any quick change advice would be wonderful!!! If there’s somewhere else I should be posting this, please let me know. Thanks.

    Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton, Adcock, Otten, Coad (Heppell, Stanley, Duigan)

    Mid: Boyd, Selwood, Pendlebury, Foley, Swallow, Krakouer (Harris, Hibberd, I.Smith)

    Ruc: Cox, Fraser (Z. Smith, Derickx)

    For: Franklin, Green, N. Riewoldt, Pavlich, J. Riewoldt, Dangerfield, Gamble (Prestia, C.Richardson, Matera)

    Cash: $83,700

    My biggest problem is that I’ve been a bit busy this week and am not sure what the case is with people not playing or not having a chances. Anyone in my team that won’t get games?
    Any changes?
    What do you think?

    • Derickx will have to play or you’ll have a big fat zero in the rucks, isaac smith isnt a certainty, there are probably better cash cows in the midfield position for the taking, also dangerfield and j.riewoldt are toss ups in terms of consistency. Could be worth the risk though

      • I have just put Petrie in for Fraser (not helping the donut) and swapped Derickx for Vickery (which should avoid the donut nicely). Might swap back to Derickx if he’s listed (thoughts?).
        Who should I get in for Smith?
        I like big Jack this year because I think Richmond is on their way up (still not great, but getting better) meaning he should get more of the ball. Should he be playing round 1? He didn’t play all preseason.
        And yeh, I’m tossing up between Dangerfield and Knights. Thoughts?
        Finally, thoughts on Gamble?


          One question?? sorry if it isnt the right place. What is a better combination
          Bartel and knights??
          Boyd or burbury..

          if not bartel then what other player with knights

    • on the subject of ruck dilemmas, how many people are skimping on a 4th ruck? as far as i see it the options are as follows

      a) Derdrikx (however the fuck its spelt)
      b) Max bailey
      c) skimp on that shit and put some 80k hack in

      currently i have gone with option C). apparently derdrikx has fallen off the face of the earth in the last few weeks and max bailey is probably doing another knee as i type this. both pretty shit options. with a ruck combo of sandi, cox, smith + 80k hack, i figure smith should cover sandi and cox during any injuries/byes. just hoping smith stays fit!


  • One question?? sorry if it isnt the right place. What is a better combination
    Bartel and knights??
    Boyd or burbury..

    if not bartel then what other player with knights

  • im not trying to trol or be a dickhead before round 1. but Katrina Gill( a reporter with
    Neil Craig has used Andy Otten as an example of the “perfect substitute player”… could make some huge late changes in team and make the servers melt :(

    • she tweeted that

      • One question?? sorry if it isnt the right place. What is a better combination
        Bartel and knights??
        Boyd or burbury..

        if not bartel then what other player with knights

        • Obsessive much!! Haha… how many times do you want to ask that question lol. If you don’t get an answer the first time, why bother submitting it a further 5 times lol

          Your call man, but who the f@*k is Burbury? lol I think u mean Astbury

  • AFL Website – Otten “the perfect substitute”

    Well there goes my afternoon of mowing the lawn and cookin’ the missus a nice dinner! haha Better fix up my dream team… AGAIN!

  • if anyone is after a last minute super competitive league join 320910, couple of spots left

  • OMG!!!! Andy Otten has been named as the ‘PERFECT CROWS SUB’ player this year by Neil Craig. He said that he can play down back and in the middle so he’s the perfect sub player…..

    Major re-think….can’t have blokes playing half a game in my team!!!

  • Top article adzman. Impressive stuff!

  • hibberd is out for three weeks with a pulled qaud

  • Ghost Ship- love it!!!
    I think i read somewhere vs will remove teams not touched for a month…..shit my memory is getting bad.
    MY mate is playing 1st year so if anyone would care to join please feel free.
    Should be very competitive thanks to my tutelage…..hehehe
    CODE:419595 LEAGUE NAME: NO GHOST SHIPS HERE- tribute to adzman!!!!!!!!! (-:

  • Toy or McKernan? help please :)

  • think tapscott will get many games this year? looking for a solid forward rookie and already have the mainstream ones..

  • serious question here:
    this is quite a difference in deciding a bit of my team but:
    otten vs stanley
    heppell vs swallow
    but if i get both gc players it may put team in a bit of risk.

    • depends on ya structure as so whether or not you get heppell or swallow… if you need a mid/def link get heppell but i think d swallow will out score him

      • yeh i know it stuffs a little of structure for rd 1, but in long term both gc would be much better, so who would you rather otten, hepell or stanley, swallow

  • Howdy crew,
    can someone please tell me when and where the Team lists will be up for round 1?
    Thanks in advance

  • same thing happens every year…like clockwork

    rumours about players being injured who a lot of ppl have in their teams.

    not falling for it this year!

    • Amen to that Adz, All Truths and BS will be revealed when the team lists are up and finalized ;)

      • I see what your saying but what im saying is fact :)

        • Plus im keeping him in my team because i know he’ll debut against the saints… just ‘passing on the knowledge’

    • im not lying mate, wait until it gets released then tell me you believe me :) haha

      • Hibbo (Michael Hibberd)

        • Roger that…. Yeah I got him in my team :)

          My only worry with my team at the moment is Chappy, my gut says it will be a slow start to the year for him and also with a question mark over his head for Round 1. I know the guy is a gun, but something don’t feel right about it???

          But I do feel by mid year he will be on fire, so with many rookies in my team that are going to be massive cash cows like some of the gold coast boys and so on, trading him in later in the year wont be a problem. But I’m not sold on the deal yet… I’ll see what happens in the next 48hours :)

          But with $472,200 from Chappy and plus another 100k in the bank spare, I don’t think I’ll be limited to picking who ever I wont :)

          • If you start with him, you’ll want to ‘reserve’ a trade to swap him out if/when he gets injured or if you get to your league finals. If you trade him in, he’ll effectively cost you 2 trades (one to get him in and one to swap him out for injury/finals).

            For the moment, Chappy is a tough call, probably one you either start with or leave out for the whole season.

  • 846298 anyone can join

  • Ok I have set aside a Team just for DT Forum Players

    All DT Forum People Welcome to Join :)


    • Joined. Got a long way to go to fill the league. Need some players!

      • Cheers Devo

        Yeah I kinda left this to the last Minute!!

        I’m sure we will get the numbers mate :)

        • Advertise your league on the DT Talk Leagues discussion thread that’s popped up on the site. Maybe you’ll get a few punters that way