Fantasy Freako: Pre-season Rave #3

The third and last Fantasy Freako Pre-season Rave is out now for your viewing pleasure! It includes all of the Dream Team scores from all NAB Cup and NAB Challenge games (the full ones, not the micky mouse first round).

There’s plenty of important info for you to help pick your Dream Team in this last week. The Freak will be back each week during the season to help you manage your DT!

If you haven’t signed up to the Fantasy Freako mailout, then head to and get on board! This PDF is more of a “must have” than Dane Swan in your Dream Team!

Click below to download the second preseason rave:


  • knights or gray?

    • knights

    • Even if they were the same price I’d rather Knights!! but I am a Crows supporter….

      • Geez Brapp… there goes that last thread of respect ;)

        Given that you are a crows supporter.. i am gonna take that you are an expert on all players…soooooo…chances of Martin playing round 1?

        • Martin lines up in an SANFL practice match this weekend, if he gets through that well and pulls up ok I’d say he’ll be a good chance on the interchange bench Rd1, wait and see mate

  • i know more about the crows here than anyone. If you have a quesrtion about them, im the man

    • ok swazz…. the floor is yours… seems like the crows have some very tasty bites this season… can you give me your opinion on the following:


      I am taking otten as a given… not reading too much into NAB.

      • smith – looking like emerg, lucky if he gets a bench spot in rnd 1
        martin – not at the moment. will when over injury
        SYmes – yes
        Talia – not at this stage
        McCkernan – Yes

    • Swazza

      I’m trying to fit Douglas into my team. After the way he finished last year, his average of 94 this year, and the expected improvement of Vince, Van Berlo, Thompson and the whole Adelaide team, I reckon he could average 100 this year. He’s only $366k. What do you think?

    • Ok Just what I need. A Crows expert. – Bernie Vince. More specifically, why did he post a 13 in the third NAB game. I think they played Freo and spanked em that round (or was it rd 2?) yet Bernie posted a lame 13. The next week in rd 4 he rolled out triple figures. What’s the deal? Was he a sub or just played badly that round?

  • Hurley and Shaw vs Mcglynn and Adcock?
    Bailey vs Derickx?
    Swallow vs Montagna?
    Otten vs Heppell?

  • Just when I was happy(ish) with my Dream Team…
    Deledio, Otten, Sylvia underperformed.
    Swallow, Goodes, Selwood (have Bartel), Pendlebury (have Swan) & Grundy begins to tempt….

    And now I’m changing my team for the millionth time.
    In all seriousness though, thoughts on the underperfomers listed above?

    • Probably the best way to do a dream team squad is to pick your squad of 33 after the first week of NAB matches and then go into a monastery for the next 4 weeks. Come out just in time to select your captain and emergencies for Thursday night’s opener and think of all the grief you have saved yourself.

  • I love it when people complain others about “letting out of the bag” their smokey. Then they make the comment that “hope not too many others have him”.
    If I put in my team every smokey “that’s going to have a break out year” that has been declared on this site, I would have a full squad of about 55.
    People – please chill out about what people are saying. After all, it is just an opinion and most of them will probably be wrong anyway.

  • Problem.

    R3 and 4.

    have cox and jolly on the field but now do not like Zac smith as my perma backup as he has not played a game yet the first problem will be rd 5……will smith play by then?

    have hopes for keefe to get a few early games in the backline but is still no guarantee.

    what is other ppls plans for for R3 and 4? is everyone else going to use petrie as DPP?

    or have other people invested more than 100k in R3?

    • Petrie and Hale have fit into my structure nicely. Effectively Hale is my 3rd ruck to cover the big boys on the field, without having to rely on a rookie to fill the void. Will be worth the cash I reckon.

  • one question:

    Bartel or J Selwood:?

    • toss a coin.

      • campbell, keefe, bailey or derickyx????

        Is selwood better than jimmy?

        • On the Freako rave, Selwood is said that he’ll fill in the gap void by Gazza. It’s a hard question to ask, as Bartel’s average might drop and Selwood will be in the 110+ range.

          • there both guns, but i just think selwood has that x-factor to crank out back to back 150’s, but jimbo could be a tad more consistant. what u think??

  • Ok, so I’ve asked this before, but Ward versus Foley? Bearing in mind that I should add that I have Boyd and Monty also.

    Plus will D Swallow score as well as people think. Only averaged around 50 in the NAB cup. Am I better off upgrading him to Foley or Ward?

  • If anyones looking for a great league 867820 is the code! Got 6 family members in there already who are all very decent DTers, non DT duds please, want to atleast average 2000

  • I think I’ve just about finally settled on my team for round one, ” I think ”

    Anyway the projected rd1 score by the assistant coach is 2101 and the projected max score is 2572 and the projected minimum score is 1630 –

    This should hopefully get me off to a good start.

    Good Luck everyone :)

  • thoughts on hale, upgraded to petrie after round 5

  • Looking for a fairly competitive league- around 2000 average, join if your game and will stick to it all year 151168

  • Looking for a fairly competitive league- around 2000 average, join if your game and will stick to it all year 744866… join both ^^^