Dual Position Players 2011: The List


Warrick Andreoli STK
Tony Armstrong ADE
Matt Austin BRL
Matthew Broadbent PTA
Simon Buckley COL
Andrew Carrazzo CAR
Xavier Clarke BRL
Brett Deledio RIC
Michael Doughty ADE
Bryce Gibbs CAR
Lindsay Gilbee WBD
Brendon Goddard STK
Jason Gram STK
Levi Greenwood NTH
Bradley Harvey BRL
Dyson Heppell ESS
Michael Hibberd ESS
Taylor Hine GCS
Ben Jacobs PTA
Rick Ladson HAW
Adam McPhee FRE
Dan Nicholson MEL
Heath Scotland CAR
Brad Sheppard WCE


Jamie Bennell MEL
Jared Brennan GCS
Ian Callinan ADE
Paul Chapman GEE
Patrick Dangerfield ADE
Jason Davenport PTA
Matthew de Boer FRE
Alan Didak COL
Mitchell Duncan GEE
Lynden Dunn MEL
Shane Edwards RIC
Nathan Fyfe FRE
Adam Goodes SYD
Brent Harvey NTH
Robbie Hicks RIC
Shaun Higgins WBD
Leroy Jetta ESS
Andrew Krakouer COL
Ben McGlynn SYD
Dylan McNeil SYD
Mitch Morton RIC
Jarryd Morton HAW
Tendai Mzungu FRE
Ryan O’Keefe SYD
Michael Osborne HAW
Matthew Pavlich FRE
Ricky Petterd MEL
Dion Prestia GCS
Gary Rohan SYD
Thomas Schneider HAW
Isaac Smith HAW
Brent Staker BRL
Jack Steven STK
Colin Sylvia MEL
Nick Winmar STK
David Zaharakis ESS


David Astbury RIC
Leigh Brown COL
Darcy Daniher ESS
Jackson Ferguson STK
Sam Gilbert STK
Heath Grundy SYD
Ricky Henderson ADE
Tom Hunter COL
Michael Hurley ESS
Michael Johnson FRE
Alex Johnson SYD
Jake King RIC
Lukas Markovic WBD
Jeremy McGovern WCE
Shaun McKernan ADE
Luke McPharlin FRE
Daniel Menzel GEE
Andrew Moore PTA
Robert Murphy WBD
Jesse O’Brien BRL
Jayden Post RIC
Bryce Retzlaff BRL
Nick Salter PTA
Hamish Shepheard FRE
Billie Smedts GEE
Scott Stevens ADE
Daniel Talia ADE
Jack Weston GEE
Callum Wilson WCE


Kepler Bradley FRE
Jackson Trengove PTA


David Hale HAW
Matthew Lobbe PTA
Drew Petrie NTH
Rhys Stanley STK
Kurt Tippett ADE Joel Tippett GCS


  • These are the guys who i recon will be considered

    Brett Deledio RIC
    Bryce Gibbs CAR
    Brendon Goddard STK
    Dyson Heppell ESS
    Michael Hibberd ESS
    Ben Jacobs PTA
    Heath Scotland CAR


    Ian Callinan ADE
    Paul Chapman GEE
    Patrick Dangerfield ADE
    Alan Didak COL
    Adam Goodes SYD
    Andrew Krakouer COL
    Mitch Morton RIC
    Tendai Mzungu FRE
    Matthew Pavlich FRE
    Ricky Petterd MEL
    Dion Prestia GCS
    Isaac Smith HAW
    Colin Sylvia MEL
    David Zaharakis ESS


    Sam Gilbert STK
    Michael Hurley ESS


    David Hale HAW
    Drew Petrie NTH
    Joel Tippett GCS

    • McKernan ADE should be considered in the FWD/DEF role

      Also I know he’s not in the ideal price bracket but if his NAB form continues along the lines of yesterday B Sheppard WCE should be considered for mid/def

  • Nice boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This helps

  • Its going to be a skill in itself to get this years byes right!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Def / Fwd
    David Astbury & Shaun McKernan

    After the weekends matches……

    • They wern’t bad, but history has shown that KPP take more time to develop score-wise. Can be very hot and cold. Plus don’t think their spots are set in stone. Look for smaller def or forwards who rotate through the middle a bit.

      Im leaning towards using more experianced players to utilize the DPP Def/forward role

  • Big list, alot of players this year with DPP.

    Boys, do you know when my stubby holder will arrive?

  • How bout Grundy for Sydney, he in the mix?

  • Off topic – Myself and a couple of other DT Talk regulars are organising a cash leauge. $50 entry.
    Prizes for first, second and third – We currently have 11 confirmed starters. If your interested in filling one of the last few spots. Email me at mwilko6@bigpond.com and I will fwd you all the details.

  • Seriously p*ss off with your little scam. No-one is stupid enough to hand money over to a stranger, leave the forums to the DT chatters!

    • As for you Shane_o_85 – Firstly why is it your problem, if your not interested that is fine, no skin off your or my nose. Secondly it isn’t a scam and even if it was it’s not your problem. Not my problem if you haven’t got $50 to spare. As Reynolds said all I am trying to do is organise a cash leauge for a bit of extra fun. Like I said I have elven starters and I am just trying to fill the last few spots so all the people who are interested have a full leauge to compete against. Nothing dodgy here at all. So just pull backa bit mate, I find it insulting that you suggest I am trying to rip people off. I have done tis the last two years without a problem. Sure there is a bit of trust involved, but like I said it is $50 not $5,000 !!! If people are wary that is fine, totally understand but so far I have 10 people who are keen, so I will continue to do my best to fill the leauge. Son’t see what it’s got to do with you Shane O !!!

  • ahhh pretty harsh shane. All he is trying to do is get a cash league going. I think dream team league comes under the category of dream team chatting. Wasnt dt talk itself posting about a cash league??? YES

    • Thanks for your support Reynolds – I din’t think I was hurting anyone… Only good intentions.. Some people need to get a grip !!!!

      • Christ, give it a rest. Stop spamming every single post that the boys put up. You’ve been spruking iyour little cash league since Warney’s Pre NAB Cup post last week. If you couldn’t fill a league by advertising it in a post which has over 250 comments then there’s a fair chance you won’t fill it by resposting the same message to the same audience.

        • Really spamming it up… One post is hardly a problem.. Here’s a tip don’t read it ????

          • Well actually mate, it is pretty hard not to read it, when you are putting it into every single discussion forum..more often than once in one case i have seen.
            Don’t get me wrong though, I am all for you having a crack at getting a cash league up and running and good luck to you with that…but i think it is becoming a bit of overkill…I am sure you will get some friends to join soon enough, you just have to have a little patience mate and stop spamming it everywhere cause that’s when people become uninterested and sceptical.

    • It didn’t really bother me at first, but like Mezzoculo said, when he posts the stuff in every new blog that pops up when others just wanna discuss teams and strategy, it becomes quite annoying.

      It might be legit, perhaps I was a bit harsh, but people get the idea from one post, they don’t need 10+!

  • I ran a cash league last year, but I actually HAD 15 other mates who were keen.

    Fast Eddie, go and get some bloody friends so that people can discuss meaningful DT issues, like Calvin’s ad cameo!

    • Sorry about that Mr Popularity… I am already in a comp with mates, just thought it would be good to have a couple on the go… Sorry to offend you – I think we are all a bit precious around here !!!!

  • I have been in a cash comp for the past 34 seasons, $500 per entry.

    None of this fish and chip $50 stuff.

  • Well good on you for trying Fast Eddie, it was worth a go. Sorry it didn’t work out…..
    But like to rest of us I am a little sick of seeing all these comments.
    I wouldn’t call it spamming though… Just stop and get some mates to join and everything it be good for us all ;)

      • Andy you are a peanut…. Do u ever have anything constructive or positive to say ??? Why would I care what you say or think ??

    • Look Pieman seeing as everyone is a little precious around here, I won’t bother posting anymore.. No need to apologise as it has worked out, but thanks for your concern.. I really thik everyone needs to lighten up a bit.. Don’t read the comments if they bother you that much, really don’t see how it is hurting anyone ???

      • Now I don’t like to spend time arguing up on the DT TALK boy’s site out of respect for them…

        But I must say I found it pretty funny you had a go at Andy for lacking constructiveness in his posts when all I’ve seen you post (note seen may have missed a post or two) is stuff about your cash league…

      • I’m just finding it entertaining that everybody who is complaining about not talking about DT strategy and the like, is not actually talking about DT strategy and the like.

        Seriously guys, get a grip. If Eddie wants to advertise his league, let him. If it offends you, ignore it, and actually talk about what you want to talk about. The majority of the posts on the particular page have been about his league, so I would say Eddie is winning here.

        Oh well.

  • Anyway I will leave it that – always enjoy a bit of friendly banter… Sorry I have spoiled everyones day, by trying to organise a leauge.. Must be such an inconvenience for you all ?? No more posts about the cash leauge I promise, I would hate to see Andyjh cry !!!

    • Hasn’t worried me Fast Ed B good luck trying to fill your comp and the banter tonight has provided me with some entertaining light reading.

      Only thing mate, I think you spelt “league” wrong in every post. Maybe no one knew what you were talking about?

  • 2/3 of the comments here have been taken up by comments about some suspicious cash league, thanks to fast eddie….how inconvenient

  • I agree, like I said earlier lets get to talking about some footy. Although it did provide a good deal of entertainment, gotta love the social medium!

    So here goes… Do you guys think that DPP is crucial this year? I think so, especially with the byes. But I still err on the side of caution when it comes to comprimising having out-and-out guns in your side. Like Molly @ fanfooty said on an earlier blog, it shouldn’t dictate weather or not you leave out an obvious gun for the sake of a player with DPP. Perhaps it will change as the season wears on, i.e more DPP at the start, then less as the teams cash in their rookies and upgrade.

    • I think it will have a big bearing covering premiums during bye weeks and later with injuries. If you are going to cope 2 or 3 donuts in a line and doing a double trade to downgrade/upgrade/cover a LTI you can cover more gaps using DPP.
      Last year I really needed to strengthen my Defence so I downgraded a def cash cow to a fwd/def rookie then threw waite back from my fwd line then upgraded kennelly, this covered at least two donuts as I had good fwd bench cover. Waite then got suspended for the 2nd time the bloody peanut

      • First of all.. LOL at all of the Eddie cash league stuff. that was a class argument over absolutely nothing :P.
        Secondly, I think most of the DPP players i picked were rookies (well at least in the mids).
        Most teams will only really play premium DPP in Def or FWD positions. Why pick Goddard in the Mids, when he just makes ur DEF look amazing.
        Strategy with the DPP will be very interesting as the season goes on. All u need is a couple of early injuries, and with some BYES coming into play, i think having at least a few DPP in each positions will be vital.

        I think, once we get to round 15/16, teams will be upgrading like crazy, and as some teams have finished their byes (ie SUNS) upgrading to Premiums with a rookie who was a DPP will be handy. Just matters how the first 10 rounds go i think. If you can somehow keep your team relatively injury free, the DPP will be used just for byes.

        P.S. have a bit of respect for the site guys. I know its all fun and games, but seriously… i’m sure the DT talk boys won’t want all this stuff goin on, on their site.

  • A guy calling himself “Fast Eddie” spams multiple discussion boards asking people to send him $50.


  • Hey does anyone know where i can get into a cash league?

    Im not looking for anything over-the-top, say….around $50

    I’ve always wanted to be in a cash league, i just don’t know where to look to find them and none of my mates are interested.

    Let me know if you hear of anyone needing to fill a few spots

    • Hey Ox,
      I know of this league you could get into, some tough competition though……..not sure if you would be up to it though!!! :-)

      • BAH, my Mum’s team beat you in the GF Blueboys! Remember Cash Cow Informers?
        MUMS TEAM!
        I told her which players had to go and which should stay and said things like “You can afford Ablett now that Barlow broke his leg! Or you can have Montagna or Boyd.” And she would choose accordingly.

        PS – no Mum jokes in DT!

        • Actually, she beat you twice yeah?

        • Oh yeah, your “Mum’s Team”……..how could i forget!!! She beat me fair and square though. I guess 2 GF’s in 2 years (1 win/ 1loss) isn’t too bad…………oh by the way where did you finish last year??? Haha………..do u even remember???

          Looking forward to another GF this year, hopefully i get to play with……..oops i mean against your mum again!!! (Sorry, had to do just one!!) :-)


  • This is funny stuff, an amusing read. You guys did everything except measure it. Good contest.

  • Just a thought, but i’m actually against ddp. Personally I would rather they not be included, or at least cost extra to purchase, say 10 -15% on top of their original price. I reckon that come round one most people will have very similar teams, for example how many will have Heppell, Krakouer, and Mzungu as their mid bench, not to mention the Drew Petrie ruck/forward situation. The ddp players are too much of a safety net, take them away again and lets see how ppl go. Plus it would bring in a lot of other players that arent even in the calculations at the moment. Just my opinion.

    • Narr i like it,

      It makes Dream team more realistic, Goddard is a rotating backman, same as Delideo etc.
      Plus brings extra strategy into the game, creating a buffer for those who think about sticking to a course, and those who just trade on spur of the moment.

      • Yeah I loved it when it first came in, but now virtually every player is multi positional, i mean Ablett kicked more goals than half the blokes named as forwards this year and isnt dpp yet Tippett who wont go near the centre bounce all year is named ruck/forward. Just think its too easy to be tossing up between two players and deciding on the dpp because you can switch them around.

  • Ok have a few thoughts on the DPP situation: [thoughts, discussion and criticism wanted please!]

    You want everyone in your field to be scoring and scoring well. Although it is plain and simple to see the quality ‘Gun’ DEFENDERS and well as quality ‘Rookies’ DEFENDERS are a lot harder to come by in comparison to both the MIDFIELD Guns and Rookies.

    So for example, if you have a DEF line consisting of: (included rough estimated Averages, and MID/DEF DP players)

    FIELD: Goddard (105)[DP], Gilbert (95), Gibbs (95)[DP], Delideo (90)[DP], Adcock (80), Otten (65), Toy (50) – with an INTERCHANGE of Duigan (45), Puopolo (65), Jacobs (45)[DP]

    AND a MIDField consisting of:

    FIELD: Swan(115), Boyd(110), Hodge(95), Dangerfield(80), Krakeur(70), Swallow(70), Mzungu(65) – with an INTERCHANGE of Harris(65), Heppell(65)[DP], Gaff(65)

    – When one of your ‘Gun’ DEF player(s) has a bye and/or is injured, you will have to SUB in a bench player(s) from the DEF interchange. If your DEF interchange isn’t scoring well, or scoring at all, you will have no one to SUB into your field and get a zero for that position.

    To save guard this, you can get DEF/MID Duel Position Player (DPP) so SUB into the backline (from your midfield) to score when you have players out.

    For Example: Saint Kilda bye, which means Goddard and Gilbert are out, and you only have one of your three rookies on your DEF bench scoring. Although your MID Bench are ALL playing and scoring okay. You can then SUB Jacobs (who is a MID/DEF) off your DEF bench, onto you MID bench and SUB ‘Heppell [DP]’ onto your field.

    Still following?

    The main problem I am finding with DPP’s are, you cannot swap a DPP player with a non DPP player. Which means the picks of these players becomes quite limited! To keep the example going, if Heppell isn’t playing well, and/or isn’t playing at all (as he is a rookie, and you can never be sure) He is a useless SUB into your backs when needed.
    NB***** There are better MIDfield ROOKIES then there are DEFender ROOKIES… HARRIS, SWALLOW, GAFF, DAY, WALLIS, KRAKEUR, PRESTIA, MZUNGU are all MIDfield Rookies, that are 95% certain to play and all have the potential of scoring well.
    In comparison to your DEFender ROOKIES of; Duigan, Puopolo, Jacobs, Toy, Coad who aren’t AS certain to play and score like the MID rookies!*****

    So therefore, the other option is starting someone like GIBBS or DELIDEO in your MIDS… and the DPP Rookies such as HEPPELL and JACOBS in your backline interchange. This gives you greater flexibility!


    Again, if St Kilda has the bye, Goddard and Gilbert are out, and you only have one of your three rookies on your DEF bench scoring. Although you have the likes of HARRIS, SWALLOW, GAFF, KRAKEUR, MZUNGU on your MIDS interchange scoring… You can SUB Gibbs into your backline, and play your interchange MIDS in place of GIBBS.

    So in comparison to the previous DEF line and MID line:

    FIELD: Goddard (105), Gilbert (95), “”ENRIGHT(90)”” [(in for Gibbs(95)], Delideo(90), Adcock(80), Otten(65), Toy(50) – with an INTERCHANGE of Duigan(45), Puopolo(65), Jacobs(45)

    With a MID Field consisting of (for example:)

    FIELD: Swan(115), Boyd(110), “””GIBBS(95)”” [in for Hodge(95)], Dangerfield(80), Krakeur(70), Swallow(70), Heppell(65) – with an INTERCHANGE of Harris(65), Mzungu(65), Gaff(65)

    I hope you can see what i am trying to explain. Putting Goddard, Gibbs, Deleido as a midfield allows you to have the OPTION of picking out of the MID and DEF interchange to fill the on field positions in comparison to just choosing from the DEF interchange.

    I am just trying to understand my own thoughts on this, so i would appreciate any discussion and criticism on the post! Cheers

    • By the way guys, want another serious league?:

      League invite code: 956135

      Just started it so get on board

      • Thanks the invitation John.

        By the way, reading the comments from last night I don’t see what the big deal is with Eddie promoting his cash league.

        I was bush during the few days that the DT leagues were posted and I missed out altogether so good on Eddie.

        Anyone worried about handing over $50 to a stranger obviously knows nothing about risk.

  • DP’s are great for coverage, but as the season goes on they are less relevant. I’ve heard this a few times now and agree 100%.

    You make sense Peas, but seriously my feel is that wasting spots in your midfield with Deledio and Gibbs basically sacrifices spots for premium 100+ players. These lads are both in my team but in the backline, therefore I have saved positions for premium midfielders and have still got a few dual position rookies to allow the ‘switcharoo’.

    Agree that in the first 10 rounds it would be crazy to trade so DP is handy, but getting points on the board early will help massively. Am praying I win 3 out of the first 3 rounds so I can sit back until round 8 or 9 before upgrading to Ablett or perhaps a magpie.

  • DPP DILEMMA!!!!!!! etc

    Which combo do you chaps think is better?

    DEF – Gibbs MID – Montagna + Okeefe (with players to switch up top with rok)


    DEF – Broughton MID – chappy + gibbs (with players to switch on both as like most teams ill have goddard and deledio and forwards with DPP like morton and sylvia locked)

    As an aside, with 384k for a last defender if i go with option B, who do you think is the best pick, Broughton, Connors, etc?

    PS Happy Valentines Day guys (it is in the UK anyway, not sure if Australia has different rules)

    • Option A…
      Forward / Midfield DPP are in abundance, no need for O’Keffe…. Although, Sydney players are rare picks, so it could part you from the rest and prove.

      For the forwards i reckon you get rookie DPP, like Presita, Smith, Callanin, Mzungu etc cheap and easy. Upgrade O’keffe for an elite mid. Just make sure the teams are even throughout your side.

      With Bourghton or Connors, if you already have Deliedo in your backs get Bourghton for a different team. Enright is good for that price too, although a his role is still a little unknown due to the new coach Chris Scott.

  • G’day Fellas,

    Im looking for a forward priced between 200-290k i already have Knights hoping he gets games
    Other options
    Shane Edwards
    David Zaharakis

    Any other good picks around that price?

    • I like Fyfe from Freo mate. Has the ability to pump out some big scores and will be added to the Freo midfield this year. Great link player that takes a lot of marks too.

    • you could go a big unique and grab TDL, he will improve his average for sure. not picking him myself, but i am loyal and am only going to reccomend swans players haha, on second thought, do you have petrie?

  • Go for a rookie instead of stocking up on mid-range players that have no upside.

    To be honest, Nathan Ablett (cash cow) will get you 50 to 60 points from the start and is only 126k….he will end up being priced in that 200-290k range by mid season…then dump him to generate some cash.

    • Well my forward line is:

      Chapman,Franklin,Riewoldt,Krakouer,Knights,Smith and im looking for that other starter.

      • Just check that you haven’t spent too much elsewhere (probably on rookies).
        Sylvia needs to be in your forward line so it reads:

        Chapman, Franklin, Riewoldt, Sylvia, Krakouer, Knights, Mzungu or Smith

        Then you should still be able to have 4 premium 100+ players in your midfield and have a respectible backline.

  • For what its worth i finished 122nd overall last year and did not DPP a single time, nor did i ever factor it in my initial team selection.

    This year it does require more consideration but I would definitely have it as a “nice to have” rather than basing my side around it.

    • it is definetly is handy, and i do have a few DPP. But i agree

      • Had a similar year myself last year and never used DPP once either. Different story this year. For example if you have two premiums from the same club in the same section, it becomes an issue simply because if you haven’t got two good scoring bench players to slot in this = big holes in your scoring. Although, I expect having the extra bench player will negate this slightly. All in all though, I do agree that it should be viewed upon as a *nice to have* as opposed to a *overlook a quality proven scorer just to get a DPP which you may never take advantage of anyway*. Either way, interesting year ahead!

  • Anyone else considering Ben McGlynn for a DPP Mid/Fwd? Or am I the only peanut.

  • Appreciate all the banter in relation to the cash league… The advertising and attention all of my adversaries have brought to it seems to have worked a charm. Couple more spots filled !!

    Thanks again….

  • Yeah sure it is. If it was filled you wouldn’t keep talking about it. Why don’t you try talking a bout your team for a change, instead of worrying about your precious “leauge”

  • Shane O I never said the league was full, simply stated a couple more spots were filled. Anyone wanting to join feel free to contact me via mwilko6@bigpond.com This league is fast becoming famous in DTTalk circles thanks to Shane O !!!!!
    Why would I want to talk about my team with people like yourself.. My team isn’t for public consumption, so uneducated people like yourself who know little about the game of AFL, can garnish advice from me.

    More to the point – Why don’t you start talking about your team instead of my league ??? It seems you have an unhealthy obsession with my league ?!!?!?

    • I wouldn’t usually get involved with things like this, and before I start I would like you to know I have no problem with people advertising their leagues on this site. However, to be completely honest, you and your league advertising have outstayed their welcome and are now bordering on the line of spam. To add to this your comments to others who disapprove of your league is just plain annoying to read. Please, for the sake of everyone that checks out this website reguarly, take your cash league idea to your friends and keep all future discussions about DT.

      • Mate as I said previously happy to stop promoting the cash league.. What u need to understand is that any of my comments made have been in retaliation to unjust and unfounded commnets directed towards me. I have every right to reply to comments directed towards me. I am no more guilty of spamming than the instigators in the slanging match. Haven’t you heard of the saying ignore it and it will go away. If people including yourslef sto making silly statements about myself and the league it will die a natural death. So get over it stop commenting on it and being so precious and it will go away.. Simple really…

        I have done nothing wrong mate, but if people want ot have a crack, i actually enjoy the banter.. I can give it and take it, all in good fun.. Anyway that is the last I will say on the matter, as it isn’y my attention to upset anybody or cuase trouble.. So just drop it and it will go away !!!

    • Probably, you know what they say, any publicity is good publicity. It has fun watching you fly off the handle so easily!

  • i think i am going to focus on making sure i have three, ( not in the rucks) playing bench players this year, last year i had 1 or sometimes none and it made things rather difficult when trades got low. i think i was too cheap last year and just added 78k rookies to fill in my last spots without even researching them. Hopefully that will reduce the importance of having dpp’s in my team so i can focus on getting the highest scoring players not the most flexible.

  • Here’s a question for Warnie or someone with contacts at virtual sports.. What is the impact on the sub. rule in relation to doughnuts.

    eg. If one of your starters is selected as a sub and doesn’t get a run is he considered to have played and do you cop a doughnut or if you have a scoring emergency do you get that score ???

    • Logic tells me that you’ll cop the zero, (or low score) like some of us had to cop last year when Kennely got injured early and scored 0.

  • Hmmm, DPP certainly make it interesting. I think this year, the byes are going to make them more important. Especially if you have a good scoring bench player in any position, and you can move someone out to another region to fill the gap.

    I don’t know if making them more expensive is the way to go. At the moment, people are making decisions about going the guns all out or taking a few players that are maybe 5 – 10 points lower and having that coverage. Assuming you still take the big names like Swan and Goddard, you still have some room to move down stairs.

    If you take a DPP that scores 5 – 10 lower than your other option (and is potentially a little cheaper) you will be losing out on 220 points over the season, assuming your DPP doesn’t improve. You then have a little more cash to get a better rookie or mid player to fill the extra gap making up 60 – 70 points in each of those two rounds. You are down say, optimistically, 80 points.

    If you take the gun who isn’t a DPP you get the extra 10 points over the season proper but you lose about 200 points for the 2 games he doesn’t play. Your rookie (again, assuming poor/no trading and it being a cheaper player) either doesn’t play or only recovers say, 50 points in each round meaning you might still be down 100 points.

    The risk with the DPP is that you may miss out on a couple of big scores, but then again, you may not. What’s stopping Swan from breaking his leg in round 1?

    I think mathematically they work out to be roughly the same, it just depends on what you think is going to be a more dependable strategy and how you want to cover your byes. Will you cop the lower points when your guns don’t play and aim for the bigger cash rises at a potentially greater risk, or aim for cover and not miss out on be consistently high every week.

    Please feel free to criticise or comment. I’m only a 3rd year DTer and this is the first time I have taken it seriously so any feedback or advice is much appreciated.

  • I just pulled out Adcock (Back) for Aspery and Higgins (FWD) for Mcpharlin just so I can have a DPP in the FWD BCK line up, I have enough of the other types except ruck.

    Should I focus on this even if it will cost me points over the year or is the nugget 0 too much of a loss to ignore?

    I have 225K in the bank too.

    Bit confused

  • Here is my argument for always playing Premium DPP NOT IN YOUR MIDFIELD.

    Last year there was only 18 DT scoring players to average over 100, and all of them midfielders with Goddard, Hodge and Chapman being DPP.

    What is the points difference between your 1st def/fwd and your 7th? because that is how many points you will be eventually loosing bye when you pick a Premium DPP in you mids.

    Quite simply a team which plays Goddard, Hodge and Chapman in the midfield is UNABLE to beat a team which plays Montagna, Hayes & Selwood (say both have Swan, Ablett & Boyd) in the mids because their midfield scores will be almost the same but their fwd and def lines will be loosing 40-50 points on average each week.

    but, DPP will be very important for your bench rookies because it gives you so much more options when upgrading/downgrading and you can cover more donuts during bye weeks.

  • Orbs – couldn’t agree more. I have had 2 top 100 finishes in dt and I think everyone is going a little crazy over these DPP. Yes deledio is a DPP, however if he doesn’t bring the scores he is useless player who scores ok and you don’t know whether to keep or upgrade him. IMO; you could win the competition without them. However if you find those that are suitable ie: krakeour, mzungu it doesn’t hurt.

  • Barony – having 225 k in the bank is too excessive. I have trialled banking some money in the early days. It doesn’t work as you lose 50 points at least every week until u spend that money. Then you waste trades altering your initial team, any player who wants to win the car should have no more then 50 k in the bank. You don’t need to go crazy on DPP if you think your score is going to be affected.