Chop’s Chopping Block: Round 21

Late withdrawal now has a double meaning! No longer is it just a poor excuse for contraception, but it is the thorn firmly stabbed in the thigh of many dream team coaches. How long until the coaches of the AFL switch on and realise that this poor excuse for a tactic , in a lame attempt to gain the upper hand is crippling the real coaches that make this beautiful game of ours so special. Fremantle Football Club sent the Fremantle reserves side down to play Hawthorn at Hawk Park, and they would not have beaten the red Auskick team that entertained everybody in the main break. BUT. At least they named that they were not going to play Pavlich and Sandilands, so that those coaches that needed to, could arrange some cover.

Essendon and that pitiful excuse of a coach whose name starts with K and rhymes with nights, on the other hand decide to play a really well disguised trick and deceive the AFL public by withdrawing Patty Ryder on game day. Sydney did the same with ROK and then Melbourne pull a swifty and don’t play Colin Sylvia (helped me win so i was ahppy about that one).

When is the AFL going to make a stand and say “no, we will not go quietly into the night, we will stand here and fight for the rights of these dream team coaches and fine the crap out of all the clubs that choose to withdraw players late!” Possibly slightly dramatic, but hopefully you get the picture….

So how were you burnt on the weekend by late withdrawals, and who is prepared to stand with me and offer another form of contraception to these AFL coaches…. I can see the banners now… “If it’s not on, it’s not on” because it certainly isn’t my friends, it certainly isn’t