Alex’s Sweet Dream Team: “Shit Gets Real”

Alex is back again… it’s now on like Donkey Kong for him! He’s had a few worries over the last few weeks. Hear from the superstar! Even DT TALK gets a mention in this installment!



  • haha great work Alex!

  • Funny!

    • hiyaaaahhhhhh

      oh f**k head dick hole rapist awesome clibration of fellings man thats deep

  • love it – cop that charity league

  • Love your work mate, goodluck in your matches except when you play me. :)

    Team Malovan out.

    P.S Kerr you’re a f**k and I now have to see a specialist twice a week to get over it.

    • wat r u gonna do about it i have the same problem

        • Well, looking at Kane Lucas as a trade option, or maybe look at Cunnington. None of my cash cows have fattened up enough yet, so it will be either trade in for a rookie or sit him on the bench until I find something good.

          It has crossed my mind of
          Kerr – Lucas
          Seaby – Sandilands.

          But then i’d be 4 trades down so early in the season. Plus I already traded Tippett to Seaby in round 2, hate the fact that i’m spending 2 trades on rucks already. So we’ll see what happens

          • Imo lucas hasnt really got good job secuirty with thornton and waite not in the team, same with benny howlett

          • You’re going to blame Kerr for that? Damn, I bought Kerr at the start and only blamed myself for it! I sold him last week, not JUST because he’s a shit DTer, but to hop on Bail (MELBOURNE) before he increased (I can’t believe my luck with Kerr getting injured on the weekend). Unless Kerr was your “5th or 6th midfielder” (ie. one of the worst midfielders starting), I wouldn’t downgrade to Lucas though… because if you don’t have Swan, grab him for $34k less than his starting price! Even this weekend with a b/e of 126, it has to be a guilt-edged opportunity, he could easily come out against Essendon and score 130-140. Regardless, once you’ve got him, you’ve got him… points on the board and a keeper in the bag.

            Lucas looks to be the goods and would make you alot of cash, but if you don’t have Swan you gotta grab him. I think I’m going to sell Shuey for Swan this week, as Shuey will struggle to get a game in the fortnight after coming back from a 2-week knee injury. Good luck in your decision though.

  • Lovin it

  • Nice Work Alex…….Fucken Legend

  • No I’ll leave it… f**king lolz

  • haha classic short and sweet awesome

  • Still can’t believe people got sucked in by Seaby. N00bs.

    • As an Eagles fan… I have to agree. It’s not strange he’s going shit, it’s strange he ever scored 120+ in a round!

      I thought he might get above 120 for the season, but in one round?….

  • luvin that shit !!!

  • Alex your jokes are getting lamer and lamer…get some new material bro!

    • No one asked for your negative shit mate, if u dont like it dont comment.

      Alex funny shit!

      • who the f**k are u to tell me what i can and can’t comment on…i think alex is a funny f**ker dont get me wrong but personally i think he’s done funnier stuff than this episode…theres my feedback…dont like it?? Then f**k off

  • hahahhahhahaha

    hes a very good looking man and so funny

  • Alex, you are a mixture between the boss from the tv show the US Office & Kevin Krudd (he asks & answers his own questions).
    Non the less, a quality segment old Jim!

  • Fuck that was lol.

    Makes me feel good about my shit team atm.

  • Or rather injury f**ked up team …

  • LOL, f**k head dickhole rapist, that’s classic